Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lipstick Lovin' #4 | MAC 'Russian Red'

Another red lip you say, but this is different I argue and it is I promise. This classic red is a blue based lipstick. However, what drew me in to purchasing it was the pigmentation. I feel that although it's a matte finish you can apply it lightly for the day and dab it on the lips, or for the night you can apply it heavily. I feel like this lipstick makes me look way more put together and glamourous, whatever time of day. 

The texture gives a matte finish, but it's not dry it holds a creamy sheen to it. I do love matte lipsticks, but I don't like how they show every crack in your lips, but this one doesn't at all as it's that little bit creamy. The colour is a perfect balance which makes it suitable and flattering for warm and cool skin tones, but personally, I think a red lip looks fabulous on anyone and everyone! Even though it is a bit creamier than a normal matte lipstick, I would still apply some lip balm or a lip scrub before applying the lipstick. I think it's has a 1920's look due to the shade of red it is, I don't feel as if I have to wear lip liner with it either, which is brilliant. I also think this red will be perfect for Christmas, it's going to be hard for me to choose which red I'm going wear! 

Russian Red is being compared to another MAC lipstick, 'Ruby Woo' which is another matte red. I haven't had the pleasure of obtaining this lipstick, so I can't comment on which is better and what the differences/similarities are. A red lip will never go out of fashion and so this will definitely become the staple red for me. 

I would definitely recommend splurging on this as it's something you will wear constantly! It sells for £15 in MAC, but I think it's worth it!



  1. i always thought it was a lot darker than that, but still a lovely colour <3

  2. I really wanted to pick this up but I thought it was a darker red than it is! I'm not too sure if it would suit my really pale complexion but I wish it did! x

  3. I think the russian red is most popular MAC lipstick :D
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  4. I just recently got this and have fallen in love with it! Such a gorgeous shade of red.


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