Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Clothes | Knitwear Love

I have always been in love with knitwear, apart from when I was younger and thought it was cool to not wear a coat or a jumper, stupid Bella. Looking at the collection I now have just concludes how much I do love jumpers. It's come to the point where a usual staple outfit of mine will be a big jumper and leggings, wack on a coat and I'm good to go, my 10 year old self would be astonished. 

I've already bought plenty of jumpers so far this Autumn as well as two new coats, a new snood and various beanies and wooly hats. These items weren't particularly expensive either, so I thought I would inform you where I've been purchasing and looking for my Winter warmers. There is a mixture of prices, so it's up to you whether you want to splurge or save. 

Miss Selfridge: I don't usually shop in Miss Selfridge, however, after crooking my neck in to it's shop my eyes caught a few things. I wouldn't say it was particularly cheap, a snood for £16 does sound a bit excessive. However, I adore snoods and scarfs; they are a staple for Winter, so I didn't mind spending that money on one. The jumpers range around the £30 mark, which is cheaper than Topshop, but that little bit more than Missguided, although, they are extremely good quality and very snug. I've purchased a snood and two jumpers so far from here. 

Topshop:  Coats and socks. I've bought one of my winter coats from here and it was the best idea I've had in a long time, I know it's going to last me a long time and it's so cuddly I want to wear it to bed. The socks aren't knitwear, but they are cute and feet can be scary for some, so socks make them seem pretty. 

ZARA: The knitwear at ZARA is so beautiful, you can find numerous amount of styles that suits anyone. I've also got my other Winter coat from here, which is just one of the most gorgeous things I own. I currently have my eye on another jumper from there. They also do knitwear tops, with cute buttons on etc, I have a nice pink one. Knitted top (which isn't itchy) + Knitted jumper = snug as a bug. 

H&M: Scarfs and hats. I don't really buy jumpers from here, the prices compared to it's value is not worth it, but the super cute animal beanies and scarves are so sweet. I never thought I'd love foxes as much as I do since purchasing a fox hat and scarf set. 

I still want more knitwear... obsessed??



  1. I love getting new knitwear every Autumn/Winter. I think Miss Selfridges is great for winter clothes, as I always think you need better quality clothes in the winter compared to the summer.
    I always end up buying at least one winter coat every year, so I now have quite the collection.

  2. ahh i miss wearing jumpers <3 :(



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