Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Life Post | Where have I been?

Oh dear, I can't even begin to say how much I apologise for being so absent from blogging, but the truth is, is that I feel at a bit of a loss with my blog and youtube channel and have sort of been, putting them off because I've been feeling so de-motivated about them both. But, after a day of taking pictures and cursing at my camera, I think I'm back for awhile, but I wouldn't count on it because I have my ups and downs, just like everyone! Also, I just picked two random photos that I could find, I was so eager to get this up, I didn't take a picture for it. 

What's been happening with you? On my side, I'm still settling in at my new house, but due to lack of furniture, I've been spending most of my time at Rupert's house. He's currently filming for his new short film this weekend and I've been doing the makeup for it, which has been really fun! It's also really crazy, so he's been running round like a headless chicken. 

I am in an array of drama school applications and UCAS which has just swallowed my brain and my time, it's so draining and so, deflating, if that makes sense? I'm also applying to some American drama schools, so it's even more work than last year as I have to write essays and get references as well as do the whole American version of UCAS. 

What's upcoming? It's Rupert's 19th birthday which is exciting and its his little sister's birthday at the weekend too and I'm doing all the girls' makeup, which'll be mega cute. I'm off to spend another week at Rupert's, after being at home for a couple of days - love living out of a bag - not. However, it is most clear to me that I am so ready to move out of my house and just live away from the parents. I need my own space and my own rules. 

Anyway, I'm going to go back to my vanilla syrup-ed coffee and sit by the fire whilst continuing to write more posts for you. Watch this space lovelies. 



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