Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Magazine Freebies | ORLY & Benefit

I love magazines. I have such a big collection of magazines that are all over the place at my mum's and dad's house, I just can't seem to throw them away. I can't think of a nicer feeling of sitting down in some cosy pyjamas, sipping on a tea or coffee with a good magazine to read and flick through. Recently, I went out and saw that ELLE and COSMOPOLITAN, were giving away some fabulous freebies with their magazines. What had attracted me the most was the Kurt Geiger 20% off Voucher (courtesy of ELLE) and the dirt on Miley Cyrus with some nail polish!

I think it's truly wonderful when you're given a freebie with a magazine, it means you can try something before you buy. So, with the COSMOPOLITAN magazine, you are given some nail polish by ORLY which is originally £5 in stores. There are four shades that you can choose from, but I opted for the shade 'Luxe' (I think..). As well as this you get to find out what the blinkers is going on with Miley Cyrus and check out where that gorgeous dress she's wearing is from - I still haven't read the magazine yet!

With the beautiful ELLE magazine, you are given a small tube of a BENEFIT ligloss in the shade 'CORALISTA' which is normally £14.50! I have been trialing this lipgloss and not being a massive fan of gloss, it's slowly converting me. Now, the main thing that I loved is the fact that they've teamed up with Kurt Geiger and are offering a 20% voucher off shoes - how amazing! It last up till January too, so, I've already hinted at my mum that I've got a voucher and she could get me some new shoes (woop!). However, if you've got a subscription to ELLE then you get 30% off which is amazing I think.. You guys need to get your hands on these mags pronto!



  1. Im the same, love all mags, hate all the gossip ones though, I just got the xmas Image one, good cuppa and a mag... noting beats it, well bare a bubble bath with a mag!

  2. I love mags, I love the look of them when I have tons stacked up somewhere I my bedroom.


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