Friday, November 01, 2013

The Makeup | Halloween Tutorials

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you all got down and 'trick or treated', or did something of the sort. I didn't as it was my two year anniversary with Rupert - I know, our anniversary is on Halloween! Scary! This is where I apologize for not posting, but I do have some good excuses! I moved house and didn't have internet for so many weeks because BT was rubbish. Then, we had the massive storm and it caused a power cut that lasted for several days and therefore, still no internet. Along with all of this mayhem, most of the products I wanted to review and share with you are all packed in boxes. I also have had no motivation for some reason, I feel like I have no mojo at the minute and feel in a bit of a rut, but I will try and get back on it, I promise. 

Anyway, in celebration I created four Halloween tutorials, although they weren't scary I did these looks for those of you who still want to make an effort but don't want to cause any heart attacks at the sight of you. You can see how I created all these looks and what tools I used over on my youtube channel. I really enjoyed creating these makeup looks for you guys and I hope you liked watching them. If you want to see any particular videos, then please feel free to comment and leave suggestions. 

Thank you so much for sticking around and following, when I haven't been able to deliver, thank you. Also, I've got a few things:

1) If you guys help me hit 5,000 subscribers on my youtube channel I will do a video of my makeup collection for you.
2) If you guys can help me hit 10,000 subscribers on my youtube channel I will do a room tour.
3) If that happens, then I will say thank you by holding a massive giveaway of giving away some MAC products for you!

So, let's get going my loves - head on over to my channel



  1. This is great! Haha, Love the eye make up for Ariel and the lips for the Black Swan makeup! xx

  2. Your skin is so flawless! These looks are gorgeous but my fav is Bella Swan makeup ;)

  3. love it

  4. Great post!

  5. I think that are all really well done but my favorite is the ariel one, so much cute! :3
    I'm now a follower to see more from your blog!

    SHE WALKS Blog


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