Friday, November 15, 2013

The Nails | Autumn Polishes

With the colder weather, it's time to move away from the pastels for my nails and find some other alternatives to suit the weather and upcoming holidays that is fast approaching. My picks range from Essie, Barry M, Topshop and Bourjois. 

GREY: A dark grey for me feels so classic and due to the darkness of the shade I feel that this is only suitable for Autumn/Winter. I find that you need to find the right shade of grey for your skin tone, as the particular one I use is nice against olive-toned skin, but it may not suit those with a paler skin tone. The one I like to use is Essies 'Chinchilly'.

CREAM/BEIGE: I don't usually like to wear a beige-ish colour on my nails, but I do like it if I've got the right one for my skin tone. This is a polish that can be worn all year round and I feel that it can make anyone look sophisticated if you've picked the right one. You could also do some simple nail art with it, such as a simple black dot on the middle, or using the black as a french manicure twist. I also have another favourite from Bourjois which is more on the gold side, but I'll do a seperate review on that. I've been turning to Barry M's 'Lychee', which I also used during the Summer. 

RED: Red will always be a safe colour to wear, whether it's in Spring or Winter, it's a definite go-to. You could go for any shade of red that suited your fancy, the one I've chosen is quite bright. But I like this particular one as it's going to look so cute for Christmas when it comes round. I find that red will always look classy on anybody, whether you have long talons or short. My pick is another Barry M in 'Red Wine'. 

PLUM/BERRY: There will always be room for a dark berry colour within my collection or picks for Autumn, this is a must have I think and I believe that everybody seems to own at least one, if not two. I am aware that Dior have some lovely ones, but I don't know what their prices are. I think that this is a sleek and chic, plus you could pair it with a matching berry lipstick. My pick is Essie's 'Bahama Mama'.

PINK: This is my maybe pick for Autumn/Winter as we usually think pink is for the Spring and Summer, however, depending on the shade of the pink nail polish it could work. I think the dark pink works well with outfits which show greys,blacks and browns. You might as well give it a try! I've been choosing Topshop's 'Domestic Goddess' (not on the website).


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