Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Nails | Bourjois

Never have I been more in love with a nail polish and polish remover. Bourjois has done well on my cards. If you've seen my October Haul video (here) then you'll see me raving about it a little. This is my first Bourjois nail polish and it's done me proud, the shade I got was in 'Ghost Lovers' I think, but mine's got numbers on the bottom. It's a gorgeous champagne colour, which is surprisingly a colour that I've been loving for the A/W season. I think this would look fabulous with a sparkly dress and red lips at a party.

The reasons why I love this nail polish is that the brush expands in to a fan-like shape and therefore, covers the whole nail in one swipe. This just makes the job of painting nails so much faster, especially when you're on the go somewhere. Also, after one coat the pigmentation is so strong, you don't necessarily need another coat, although, I do apply two for safety. What I love the most is the fact that it takes no time to dry, which is a must have with me because I am able to sit with my fingers splayed out for about ten minutes and then I get a bit restless and they will result in being smudged. 

Before, I even applied the wondrous nail polish, I had to remove some left over polish and I'd heard so many good reviews on the Bourjois Nail Polish Remover. At £4.99, it really is brilliant for what you pay for as you're not having to use cotton pad after cotton pad and spilling nail polish remover everywhere. It's a simple process, you dip your nail in, twizzle it around and hey presto, you're done! The fragrance doesn't apply until after you've done the full set of nails, plus it lingers for quite awhile which is nice. I don't know how long it'll last before it dries up and stops working, but hopefully I've got awhile yet. Bourjois is definitely in my favourites currently. 


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