Monday, November 25, 2013

The Nails | Essie 'Chinchilly'

Baby.. it's cold outside! Getting in the Christmas spirit obviously and before I load up the green and red on the nails, my nails of the day is an Essie one in the shade 'Chinchilly'. It's a granite sort of grey and I like it because it's a dark shade of grey, rather than a pastel kind, and therefore, goes with the Autumn/Winter palette. 

This nail polish goes with everything at the minute, I'm very in to my monochrome and burgundy currently, so this just adds an urban chic to the look. I feel like grey makes anything look classy and sophisticated, if not being a little edgy, which is cool. 

The Essie nail brush is so fantastic, it's a fan effect, so it basically covers the whole nail in one swipe, which is so easy to use. I applied one coat and could have left it with that as the colour is very pigmented, but then applied two when it started to chip. It's lasted for two weeks now and I've only got some little chips at the ends!



  1. Your blog is lovely! Its set up is gorgeous! I'm just starting mine and would love if you wen to check it out! :)

  2. I've been looking for a grey nail varnish recently, and this shade is just perfect! Even the name sounds nice and seasonal :)

    Claire //

  3. this shade is so pretty :)


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