Friday, November 22, 2013

The Skincare | Origins Super Spot Remover

Oop Origins is back and featuring on my blog, that must be a good thing. I mentioned on my other Origins skincare post (here) how it's encouraged me to try more products that they have to offer and here we are. So, with another Origins product to review let's get cracking! As you can see, I chose the super-hyped Origins Super Spot Remover and here are my views. 

This tiny little bottle only contains 10ml of product, I under-estimated how small it would be when purchasing it, especially as this little blue beauty is £14, which previously was £12, so they've raised the price! However, with those thoughts in mind when purchasing I didn't think it was going to get me through the month, but I've had this for around two months now and have been constantly using it day and night. The spot is mainly for breakouts and those horrible sore spots you can get. At the moment I get the few odd spots around my chin or forehead, but I've recently had a breakout of pores by my nose, on my cheeks which is horrible. Origins claims that this spot remover 'heals, fights and fades spots' I do have to agree. The fact that it contains salicylic acid immediatley helps heal and be rid of the spots, whilst also correcting blemish marks. Like the 'Ginzing' moisturiser, this contains caffeine and red algae to calm redness which is perfect when you've gone to town on the popping. To help the skin prevent more breakouts it contains exfoliants to keep the dead skin cells at bay and to ensure that our pores is clear of getting clogged. 

What I do is pop a tiny amount on my finger and then apply it to any spots that I can feel are on their way or remaining ones. I've noticed that the ones that are just under the skin disappears after a day or two, once I've applied the gel, or the redness has calmed. Due to it being a gel substance it cools the skin and takes no time to dry, it is a little tight but not to the point where you feel as if you've just had botox. When applying moisturiser over the gel there's no issue as it's dried so quickly, you won't feel as if you're smearing it everywhere. When the spot has vanished I still apply the gel on the blemish 'remnants', so it'll prevent any marks/scarring/redness which definitely helps. 

I would recommend this when you've got a pesky breakout or a really sore spot. Of course it is expensive for such a little bottle, but it does last a very long time which is a bonus. 



  1. ahh i want to try origins so bad! why must it be so expensive?! haha xx

  2. Have you used much of Origins? I have heard good things?


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