Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Video | What's in My Bag #2 (Winter Edition)

It was long overdue since my last 'What's in my Bag' and I don't think it was a blog post, but a video when I first started, which if you're curious can go click here (shameless plug there Izzy). A lot of bags have come and gone, but the current one that I've been using from day to day is this ZARA Mini City Bag, which I bought two months ago. I really wanted to get my hands on the larger version of the City Bag, but they were increasing the price and I just couldn't do it. Also, the mini city bag's come in three colours; burgundy, navy and grey - which is gorgeous! At only £29.99, I thought it was pretty good and can, surprisingly, fit in lots of things that any female needs!

Of course I have my typical purse, phone and keys, but there are the little things such as a nail file, umbrella, headphones, 4 lip balms, tissues, a broken watch, compact mirror and I could go on, but if you'd like to see everything that's in my bag then watch my recent video on the subject here. You get to sit with me whilst I delve in to my bag and see all sorts of things. Unfortunatley, the chocolate them from the first one I did does not run in this one which is sad. 



  1. I always love 'whats in my bag posts'
    Love your lipstick x

  2. Absolutely LOVE your makeup in this post!! That lip colour is amazing!



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