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The Blogroll | My Top Ten Beauty Blogs

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I absolutely love beauty blogs. Scrolling through my bloglovin' feed is in my list of favourite things to do along with sleeping, eating, doing my skincare routine, watching 'The Walking Dead', cuddling my pygmy hippo etc etc. So, I thought I would share with you my top ten favourite beauty blogs (with hints of fashion & lifestyle) that I get excited about when a new post lands in my feed. If I were you, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and be prepared to read...

ViviannaDoesMakeup: I am in love with Vivianna. Her pictures and descriptions are always so clear and precise, with just enough persuasion to push me to buy whatever product she's talking about. Vivianna also seems like such a lovely girl too, and her youtube channel is a must to subscribe to. 

HelloOctober: Oh my gawd, Suzie has the most beautiful blog. Whenever I want to find something new to try, Suzie has something, whether it's a new NARS product or something I haven't heard of. She's constantly posting great products and some lifestyle posts too which show the wonders of Brighton. 

TheSundayGirl: This woman has dedication. Full stop. Adrienne constantly posts throughout the day on her blog, which means that you are up to date on whatever's happening. I can always count on this blog to see any upcoming makeup, scents, body or skincare products that'll be coming out in the future. It was this blog that set my eyes on the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. 

CoutureGirl: Kayleigh is one to turn to when you want a really in-depth review of a product. After reading a post/review of hers I imediatley know whether to purchase an item or not. She also gives fabulous swatches of products and just tries to give as much information as she can, which is amazing on her part. 

DizzyBrunette: Corrie is one of the sweetest people ever and she has the cutest blog. If you want beauty, fashion and lifestyle all in one then Corrie is the one to turn to. Her posts are always informative and she hair to die for, seriously. Plus, she has the cutest dog in the entire world. 

BeautyCrush: Sammi is mainly known for her youtube channel, but she also has a blog. Although her blog has taken a fashion and lifestyle turn, when she does a beauty post, I can't help but drop everything i'm doing and read what it says. Sammi is also so bubbly, she would brighten your day with whatever she posts. 
FleurDeForce: Again, a very famous youtuber, but her blog is amazing. She's been in the game for quite a while so she clearly knows what she's doing. She doesn't just talk about beauty, but perfumes, skincare and the occasional fashion related post. Recently, she wrote about cleansing balms and I was in heaven, it was just so good! Fleur also has the life that someone would dream of, with two super cute dogs. 
LilyPebbles:  Lily has the best skin ever. No joke. She talks about all things beauty and she knows her stuff. Whenever I see something skin related on her blog, I immediatley read it, just so I can see what products that she's using which will make my skin look just as good as hers!
ICovetThee: Alix has such a gorgeous blog, I look at it and I covet it (hint hint, get the joke?). Again, Alix writes the best when it comes to makeup products and I have to say she gets it spot on. Alix also comes across as an elegant gal with a beautiful hair cut!

WhatOliviaDid: I'm totally cheating here as this blog is a fashion one with the odd beauty post. But you need to go and check out Olivia as she has the best style, I love it way too much. She has a style similar to Audrey Hepburn and makes me want to change my wardrobe and follow. 

However, there are plenty more that I love on my bloglovin' feed and are too great to mention. Please feel free to share your favourites below - I am always up for checking out new blogs. It's also good to share the love guys!
So, go and take a look at those above and pour yourself another tea..


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