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The Life | 2013 in Review

At the beginning of the year I got the chance to go to Rome for a school trip, I will never forget it, it was so much fun. Rome is such a beautiful place with all of it's intricately detailed buildings, as well as all of the history it holds just amazes me. Sharing  room with two of my friends and staying in a foreign place with lots of friends makes it even better. Although I didn't eat that much as I had some weird thing where I felt full 24/7, the pizza that I did have was beautiful, the coffee was the yummiest and the ice-cream was just amazing. I would happily go again ASAP! The best thing was that we were expecting bad weather, but it was super sunny and warm, which made the trip even better. So, kicking the year off with a trip certainly was a good start!

In March, I sadly performed in my last ever school production which was 'Oh What A Lovely War'. I was so lucky to have performed this with some of my bestest friends which made the whole experience even better. Although the rehearsals were extremely long and tiresome, plus the director could get super cranky, it worked out well in the end and I loved it. I don't think it really sunk in until after the last performance that this was going to be my last production with my friends and at school. I was even luckier to get my own solo song and have various monologues throughout the play/musical which was brilliant. I can remember that it was really emotional afterwards, one of my good friends, Ryan, made a speech at the end of the performance and he got us all crying. But, good things must come to an end, as well as getting really drunk at the after-party at Rupert's house, which was a great night!

This picture really reminds me of all the auditions for drama school that I went through. This was taken after Rupert and I went to his cousins confirmation and we were about to drive to Manchester. Thinking about it now, I have always wanted to go to drama school and 2013 was my first year auditioning. I always thought that it would be easy to get in first time round, but it is honestly one of the hardest things, think about it this way; attempting to get in to drama school is considered as the same thing as applying for Oxford and Cambridge! However, even though I only had two call backs and two offers, I'm not as gutted as I thought I would be. Of course I would have loved to have gotten in last year, but having this 'gap year' enables me to focus on other things, as well as taking even more time to prepare for my second round of auditioning. I am also older than I was before and I think being so young was an issue, most of the people who audition are usually 18 or above, i was auditioning when I was only 17 and I don't think it worked in my favour. I learnt so much about myself and the overall experience, it also helped me narrow down my choices as some places weren't what I thought they would be. 

What a joyous day and evening this was! These are from my leavers do in May, I had such a lovely time and felt so pretty in my dress. Yet again, it was an emotional day as I was saying goodbye to some people that I'd never be able to see again, as well as it being the last official day of school for me. Myself and some of my best friends (aka drama group) performed a little comedy piece about out time at sixth form in front of everyone and it went down so well. Rupert created a music video including all of the sixth form teaching staff. There was a really cute dinner where awards were given out, then pretty much everyone in sixth form went to this pub and my friends and I were there for hours! We had these leavers books which people signed and it was so lovely to read their messages again after the event. I still can't quite believe that I've left school and it's so weird seeing other people go to school and I'm not one of them. Is it weird that I already miss going to school?

The Summer of 2013 was a good one! There were lots of parties to celebrate everyone finishing their exams and even though my future wasn't as secure or planned, I felt like I didn't need to worry just yet which is such a nice feeling. I spent some of the Summer with my mummy and we filmed the 'Mum Tag' which was hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing. I've told you all lots of times how much I love Brighton and how I'm carefree and totally relaxed here, so spending the Summer here was so lovely. One of the highlights was going to a big family event, which was a birthday party on my older sister's mum's side (bit of a mouthful). I brought Rupert and my sister brought her boyfriend and we had such fun (Miranda influence). I suppose we sort of isolated ourselves off a bit, as the four of us danced and chatted together, but I don't think anyone minded. The best part was that I finally turned eighteen and I celebrated this over three/four days which is the best way to go to be honest! I recieved some lovely things and enjoyed all the birthday celebrations. 

I was so lucky to go on holiday with Rupert and his family to Nice, France. We actually flew on my birthday which was fun, especially as I had a hangover from drinking 3-4 bottles of champagne the night before. Although there were a few hiccups on the holiday, overall I had an amazing time. The weather was beautiful as well as the surroundings and it was so nice to spend time with Rupert and his family.

In October, Rupert and I hit our two year anniversary. He got me this amazing hamper that's filled with most of my favourite things, sadly there was no King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, but there's always this year! We went out for some Thai food and then snuggled up and watched a film, it was nice and relaxed. I honestly don't appreciate Rupert as much as I should, all the things he has to put up with is not what some people can deal with ever, so eternally grateful.

My sister held a wine and cheese night aka 'chine' - she made it up not me. Even though Rupert and I don't like cheese or red wine we had a good night regardless. We stayed until 3 in the morning and witnessed some things which were eventful. I am so happy for my sister (she's the blonde on the right), she's achieved so much and she's finally happy, she also has a lovely boyfriend (sitting next to Rupert) and I couldn't be more pleased. 

Moving on towards the end of the year now, which only seems like yesterday. I was having quite a tough time personally, as you could probably tell if you watched my vlogmas videos. I started a new job as a ballet assistant, which is coming to an end this month as my boss's husband returns and replaces me *sad face*, I'm going to miss helping and seeing all the children.  However, I was uplifted when I got my first call back which is at the end of this month in NEW YORK *runs round room screaming*. I don't want to get too excited but... it is NY! Above is when I went and saw 'The Snowman' ballet with my little sister and my dad (I know, I don't look like any of my siblings, if I ever do a 'draw my life' video you'll understand). I spent Christmas with my mummy, which was one of the best, Rupert surprised me with flowers and percy pigs showing up at my house in Brighton and we all know that percy pigs could lift anyone's spirits. New Years was spent with my closest and dearest and I had my very first New Years kiss *beaming*. 

Overall, 2013 was good to me and I think one of the best years I've had so far, even though each year has it's ups and downs I did love 2013. I only hope that 2014 brings me even more happiness and success than the last, and I hope it does the same for you all too. 

Happy New Year ❤︎


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  1. Wow, you've had such a great year! This year was also my last production with my school. We performed Miss Saigon, and although I didn't get a lead, I did really enjoy having a smaller part and got my chance to have a solo in a 'Back To Broadway' production. I love drama so much, it was definitley my favourite A-level and I am a bit gutted I didn't pursue it further, but I loved every minute of it, and a lot of my favourite 2013 memories stem from drama!
    So nice to see others love it as much as I do ! :) x


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