Monday, January 20, 2014

The Makeup | L'oreal Paris False Lash Flutter Mascara

If you've been reading my blog or watch my youtube for a while, then you'll know that I do not have the longest of lashes. I also am a total noob when it comes to false eyelashes, which leaves me with the only option of eyelash extensions or lengthening mascara - I choose lengthening mascara!

My recent favourite that's been doing wonders for me is the L'oreal Paris False Lash Flutter mascara. This is one of those products where youtube definitely made me do it. I saw a youtuber do a first impressions on this mascara and with just one coat her eyelashes looked amazing. I instantly went out and bought it, however, at £10.99 it's quite pricey for a 'drugstore' brand I feel, but its packaging is really nice, it doesn't look really cheap and definitely looks quite glam amongst my makeup. Although, I still went ahead and popped it in my blue basket.

L'oreal claims 'False Lash Flutter extends the look of lashes towards the outer eye without clumps.Get full on, fluttery volume with False Lash Flutter Mascara.Our first double winged butterfly brush together with Cocoon fibres lengthen the look of lashes towards the outer eye'. I do agree that this mascara volumises the lashes completely and also lengthens them, there are times where I won't apply a second coat as one is enough. I don't seem to get any clumps when I apply this product which is a bonus; but I certainly do feel like fluttering my eyelashes as they appear so long and bambi-eyed after application!



  1. This product sounds lovely! I just did a review of one of MACs mascara's which is the best I've ever tried!

  2. Fab review! (:

    Kelly x


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