Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Top Five + One | Blushers

I've realised that over the past few months, I've been using the same blushers over and over. As you know, blusher is my favourite part of my makeup routine and I keep turning towards these six blushers. So, I've compiled my top five to share with you and maybe convince you to purchase them too!

SLEEK in 'ROSE GOLD' -  When I first bought this I was obsessed and wore it non-stop, especially as these blushers are super affordable. This gives my cheeks such a natural glow, as it contains specks of glitter within the formula. However, it isn't overly obvious that you looks like Tinkerbell. The shade is definitely of a rose gold shade, which is one of my favourite things ever. I think it gives my makeup look a fresh-looking glow and it just makes my face look natural and dewy. I think this would suit any skin tones, but I usually wear this blusher in the Summer as it can look a bit odd during the Winter. Also, the pigmentation is amazing, you only need to apply the littlest amount otherwise it can look really scary!

MAC in 'WELL DRESSED' -  This is such a big favourite of mine and my only MAC blusher. I would say this is a very pastel/milky pink with a bit of shimmer. I find that this blusher blends really well and can go with any makeup look as it's not a bright/harsh colour. I like to use this blush in the Summer and Winter as it suits either skin tone that I'm sporting that season. However, when it comes to pigmentation it isn't that great, I do have to keep applying a few times before I achieve the look that I want. 

FATE QUAD -  This is completely broken and a mystery brand that I have never heard off. I remember wearing this blush to death, that all four sections have hit the pan. The idea of this quad is that there is one bronzer, a highlight and two pink blushes, one light and one slightly darker. I like to mix the highlight and the two pinks together and then apply to the cheeks, it creates a really nice bright pink colour on my cheeks and contains a slight shimmer. I hardly use the bronzer in the kit, but when I have it's really good. The pigmentation is brilliant, you hardly have to apply any and it lasts for a really long time.  

BENEFIT in 'DALLAS' -  I will always be in love with 'Benefit' blushers/products forever, the packaging is always beautiful, the product comes top trumps and is it me or does their makeup have a really nice fragrance? When I wear this I don't usually wear bronzer as well, as this blusher is more of a combination of a blusher and bronzer together, leaving your skin with a natural sunkissed glow. As always the lasting power is amazing and the pigmentation is beautiful, so you don't have to use lots which is good as these little beauties are expensive. 

ELF in 'MELLOW MAUVE' - One of the cheapest blushers I own I think! I usually turn to this when I want a more dark pink, almost verging on bronzey look. I find that this is really blendable and can go with any look you desire. I do feel that it's a 'warm shade' so would look better on olive toned skin. The pigmentation is average and I do feel that it needs to be re-applied after four-five hours, but I guess you get what you pay for. 

TOPSHOP in 'HEAD OVER HEELS' -  Last but not least a cream blusher! This particular one from Topshop gives me a 'doll-faced' look which I love. Basically, pairing this blush with a simple makeup look, with long lashes and a simple lip. I also find that it looks really pretty with a neutral eye and lip colour. As it's a cream blush, I feel like it gives a dewy effect, as it has a lovely shine to it and when applied to flawless, matte skin it looks pretty and not sweaty! This definitely has blue undertones, which is rare amongst my blusher collection, so due to this and it being a cream I tend to disregard this one sometimes. I do prefer wearing this when I have a tan as it can make my cheeks look like a natural flush, whereas in the Winter it does make me look like i've been outside way too long. 


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