Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Brows | Filling In

I think brows can be so difficult when it comes to it. A lot of people ask me 'what do I do?' or 'where do I start?' or 'what's the best eyebrow product?'. So, I thought I would cover the brows to the best of my knowledge, which isn't a lot, and see if it'll help some of you. So, today I'm going to talk about filling them in. I didn't used to do this for ages and only started last year, I can't believe I used to do that as I always need my brows filled in now. I feel like when my brows are filled in it just makes me look more put together and completed my makeup look. Filling in brows can be quite nervous as you could over do it or look like you've drawn them in which is never good. But, if you find the right product you'll look beautiful!

EYEBROW GEL - Using a gel can be really easy and they hold everything place too. I find that they're really good for adding colour, so could be a better option for those of you who have light coloured hair, but I like them as my brows can go all over the place, so the gel just tames them all day. There are so many different gels out there, you could get a clear one or a coloured one depending on your preference, but there isn't much pigmentation so you don't have to be worried on overdoing it. The gel won't leave your brows stiff and gross as it's a really light consistency and so you don't feel like you've had botox. You can pick an eyebrow gel from the drugstore or from a premium brand. 

EYEBROW PENCIL -  I always worry about using a pencil, just because I'm scared I'll end up looking like I've drawn on brows which are terrifying. However, this is the most common way of filling in your eyebrows, but as I've said it can leave your brows looking un-natural and harsh. You want to be very light-handed when applying this and ensure that you do light strokes to replicate brow hairs. The pencil formula should be light and creamy, I find that the higher brands have better eyebrow pencils than the drugstore, but I'm sure there's some drugstore ones which work just as well. 

EYEBROW POWDER -  This is my personal favourite as it leaves me with a very natural look. Find a powder that either matches your eyebrow shade or one that's slightly lighter and apply it with a small angled brush. Like the pencil, you should be light-handed and create light strokes to replicate the hair. You must blend aswell, so it doesn't look harsh, but it's important that you choose a matte shadow as there's nothing weirder than having glittery eyebrows. 

MIX AND MATCH -  I don't set the rules, you can obviously do whatever you want and prefer. So, feel free to use all three or two out of three if you wanted. I know some people like to outline the brow with a pencil and then fill in with the powder and finalise with a gel. You could just use the powder and gel - it's down to you and the look you want to achieve. 


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