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The Guide | Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him

I find buying presents for men to be super tough, they never really want anything or go on about anything, unless your Rupert and you go on and on about camera and filming equipment. However, I have managed to compile a few things together which might pop some ideas in to your head for your man, boy best friend, dad, brother, dog, I don't know! If you missed the one for females then just click HERE, otherwise, let's get started. 

Jumpers -  Men love jumpers, simples. Pick their favourite shop and choose any one that'll suit them. Unlucky for me, Rupert's favourite is All Saints, one of the most expensive shops ever, ever. But, you could always find some jumpers from Topman, Next, Asos, Burton - anywhere. Also, if they don't like  it they can't say anything because it's Valentines day and they'll ruin it otherwise *evil chuckle*

Leather Jacket - I don't really know why I've given this one its own category, I think what I meant to say is buying a man a new jacket could be an option. I picked a leather jacket because Rupert was in All Saints and I saw him try it on sneakily and he looked so gorgeous, I was just like 'omg ily'. It's also one of those things which guys need but they never want to buy it themselves, so they'll be really grateful for it, again this can be purchased from any shop that you like. 

Boxers -  I swear men always lose boxers and socks. So, get your male some nice, new boxers or if it's your brother or dad you could buy some really awful boxers with a weird pattern, or a cringey print/text on it. 

Aftershave -  Just like women and their perfume, men will always appreciate receiving their favourite aftershave, Rupert's personal favourite is 'Boss' by Hugo Boss. For some reason, I find that men's aftershave is cheaper than women's fragrances, but that might just me. Again you could pick this up from Boots, Superdrug, The Fragrance Shop etc. Besides, this works in your favour as, if you don't like their current aftershave, you could buy a new one that you like instead. 

Playstation Games -  You could never separate a man and his games, so a playstation or xbox game will go down a hit. I actually like playing on the playstation too, so I might be more inclined to pick games where you could both play together and he'll think you're really cool and fun for being that girlfriend and will say you're amazing to his friends and then you'll get brownie points. OR you could just get him the game and you can go and watch youtube videos with a cup of tea. 

TV Programme Box Set -  I've picked 'Breaking Bad' as this is Rupey's favourite, but you can find them quite cheap on Amazon or at HMV. This means that you could sit and snuggle with the box set and munch on chocolate, as that could be another gift too. Box sets are also a really nice present as it's something you could watch together, especially if one of you hasn't seen it before.. or it could go really wrong. 

Dinner/Scrapbook -  Cooking him his favourite meal will be his idea of heaven, mainly because the whole joke of women being in the kitchen will amuse him and it's his favourite meal. Also, a scrapbook gives everything a personal touch, which is what I usually go for. Creating a book filled with photos, memories, stories etc will make him all giddy and bring out his sensitive side, as he knows it would have taken you a while to create.

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