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The Guide | Valentines Gifts For Her

Valentines Gift Guide For Her

Valentines Day is probably a marmite holiday. Some people loathe it, whether it's because they're single or other reasons, yet some people love it and that may be because they're with someone or they just enjoy sharing the love or the everything being the colour red? I must admit, I've never made a special effort to celebrate Valentines days single or not. Usually it would be on a school day so I wasn't really phased by it all, but this year I'm going all out, but more on that later. I have created two guides, men's one tomorrow, to give those of you some little ideas whether it's for a girlfriend, best friend, your mum, sister, anyone!

Whistles Medium Clutch -  I wouldn't mind if Rupert got me one of these, they are so gorgeous! These are on the pricey side, but I'm sure any girl would love one of these. I believe that they come in various colours, but the website only showed two, so I would recommend popping in to the shop. You don't have to pick the medium one either, there is a smaller choice. These are very popular amongst the bloggers and you can see why, this clutch can be used as a bag, makeup bag, bits and bobs etc. 

Perfume -  You can't go wrong with buying that special female her favourite perfume, my personal favourite being 'Alien' by Thierry Mugler. There are so many vouchers and offers for the fragrance shop or fragrance direct, so it wouldn't cost as much as it would in store. However, if you've left it last minute pop in to Boots and they actually have a £5 off on selected fragrances too. 

Diptyque Candle -  Women love candles it's a given. I bet if you thrust this in to her hands she would love you even more. Diptyque candles are known for having a beautiful scent and are very long-lasting. You might think they're super pricey for a candle, which it is, but it's worth it. There are plenty to choose from, so maybe drop a subtle hint for your girl's personal favourite or take the plunge and pick any, I'm sure it'll wow her regardless. 

Chocolate - If a little Terry's Chocolate Orange was placed in my hands on Valentines Rupert would be considered the best boyfriend in the world. I am a chocoholic and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. You can never go wrong with purchasing and gifting some chocolate, it's the perfect thing to munch on whilst snuggled up, watching your favourite film on Valentines. 

Frame a Photo -   For Christmas, I actually framed a photo of Rupert and I and gave it to him, he loved it and has placed it on his bedside table. Although some might find it a bit cringey, I think it's super cute. This also means that every evening and every morning, you will be the first thought in that persons head when they wake or go to sleep. Frames are also really cheap to purchase, the one I bought was from Boots for £4 and then getting the photos developed came to £2! Bargain!

Pandora Ring -  I think these are going to be very popular, especially as they've created a collection purely for Valentines. No girl would complain if they recieved one of these. Rupert got me the Princess Tiara one for Christmas and I haven't taken it off since, minus bath/shower. They're made of sterling silver so you wouldn't have to take it off, I'm sure you could pick any and it would be a hit, but you will need to find out her ring size!

Dinner/Trip/Spa - Just some other ideas for you but cooking a meal for the lady would be just as nice as a gift, maybe cook her favourite meal and then give her a nice card. Another idea would be to plan a little road trip or weekend away, to where you first met or a place you've both never been to, it's another place to create some new memories. Lastly, this one isn't just for girlfriends, but for mums, sisters and friends, I'm sure a spa day or weekend would go down a treat - every girl needs to be pampered. 



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