Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Hair | My New Favourite Hair Product

Whilst perusing Boots on a shopping trip, I spotted a new range of L'oreal hair products (aka not the usual gold tinned hairspray), and I was instantly drawn because I was curious about its packaging and the # on the tin. The one I was drawn too was the 'Superstyling Volumizing Spray - £3.79' (bargain or what?). When you have long hair, the word 'volumizing' draws us all in instantly, due to long hair looking flat or weighed down and no matter how many spritz's and sprays of the sea salt spray by Toni & Guy, sometimes it needs more. It's basically a supersizing spray, which doesn't leave your hair crunchy or sticky, but gave instant growth and volume to my roots and overall hair. 

At £3.79 why would you give this a miss? However, it's such a popular product it would be a good idea to get your hands on it fast it goes out of stock fast. Sometimes they even have 2 for 1 at boots, so you could easily just pick up lots of bottles of the stuff to your hearts content. This product is so worth looking for though, it's like nothing I've ever used before. I like that it doesn't leave any residue or white patches on the hair, therefore making it invisible. It doesn't just make your hair look voluminous, but it makes it look shiny and when I curled my hair it held the curls in place like a hairspray. 

They say it has 'textured micro-powders' and creates 'back-combed volumes from roots to tip' which I most definitely agree with 100%. It also smells delicious which is an added bonus. I am now super curious about L'oreal's Superline and may have to try out some other products! The pictures don't show the spray to its full extent, if you check out my january favourites video - I've used the spray in my hair and it's crazy!



  1. I was actually looking for deliciously smelling volume hair spray, thank you for this review :)
    I have to try this one for sure :)
    xo xo Martha

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