Monday, February 10, 2014

The Impulse Purchase | Another Pair of Boots..

I never usually venture into the world of Dorothy Perkins, it doesn't really stock clothes that I would choose unfortunately, however, I went to meet my auntie for a coffee the other day and her beautiful daughter joined us and she had really nice boots on. I had to ask where they were from and she said 'DP' and then said the word 'sale', so that obviously meant I had to go!

Now, I went in to the store and it was so quiet I felt a little awkward, but headed straight for the shoes and here they were. I tried them on and thought yes, I'll take them. I was mega impressed as they were £32 but, had been reduced to £20 which is a bargain. Although, on the website it doesn't say they're in the sale yet, so if you're tempted I would head out to the store itself. 

They also had the boots in brown, but I already have a pair of brown boots and didn't have any in black and they go with everything. They have a slight, mid heel and they're quite structured, if that makes sense? They don't feel as if they're going to break any time soon or split. I like that it has the detailing of the laces at the front and then there's a zip on the inside. It also has two straps that go across with some gold detailing, which I love and I just know I'm going to be wearing these non stop! It was super spontaneous, but they're the best purchases right?


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  1. They look so so nice!


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