Monday, February 24, 2014

The Life | Disneyland Paris & Dorset

I do apologise that this is extremely photo-heavy, but when you go to Disney you have to be snappy happy right? As you know from my little Valentines guide, Rupert and I went to Disney Land Paris to celebrate our third V-day together. I was super excited as I'd never been to Disney and I'm a massive fan of everything to do with Disney, I wonder how many times I'll type 'Disney' in this post. Also, I'd never taken the Eurostar before and I'd heard that it's a really nice train and quite quick, it's the little things in life. 

So, we had to wake up super early as we were leaving the house at 6:30 to catch a train to Kings Cross St Pancras for our train to Disney at 10:15. When we got to London, we cheekily got a Mcdonald's breakfast and you can't go wrong with their hash browns, I was actually so excited about them I accidentally elbowed a man in his tummy! Thereafter, we went to check in and it was so easy compared to the airport. Surprisingly it wasn't too busy on our train, it was mainly little kids and the rare couple. The journey was so quick and easy and took us straight to the park, it also sold the yummiest hot chocolate and we vowed that we would make sure we got a large one for the journey home. 

As soon as we got to the park we dumped our bags with storage and then headed in to the parks. I won't go in to too much detail as you've probably been before, but we went on as many rides as we could before we got really tired and headed to the hotel. There was a bit of a nightmare with regards to buses but we won't go in to that! The check-in at the hotel was really easy, I'd already paid for our stay so we were given our key. Our room was gorgeous with a beautiful bathroom, our own kitchen, a large, comfy bed and a flat screen TV which had English channels - perfect. We ate as we were starving then Rupert had a shower and I had a bath, then hit the sack - we were so tired. 

The next day (Valentines) we woke up early so we could spend a full day in both parks. I finally bought my Minnie Mouse ears which I wore the whole day. We also watched the parade which was just beautiful and I actually cried because I was so happy - Rupert managed to film me, cheeky. When the parks closed we grabbed a hot chocolate at Starbucks before heading to the hotel for a takeaway in our room and then finished the night with drinks in our hotel bar. 

I was so sad about coming back, but the day after we returned, we went to Dorset with Rupert's family for a little holiday. They'd hired a cottage for a week with a swimming pool, skittles, ping pong table and pool table. I had no internet or signal which was actually really nice as it meant that I could shut myself off for a bit and just spend time with Rupert and his family, I even cooked one night which was a success I hope! But, now I'm back and drama auditions commence, as well as blog posts, videos, tweets & instagram pics!


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