Monday, February 03, 2014

The Life | Sweet Dreams Juilliard

These were the only photos that we managed to snap in New York and they weren't even taken by me! When we landed we noticed the snow and it was tipping it down, my dad and I were not expecting it and so we were totally unprepared when it came to clothes and shoes, luckily I brought boots and dad had some sensible shoes, but sadly, a pair of his did not return to the UK. Due to the snow, it also meant that it was freezing, it was about -18 Fahrenheit whilst we were there everyday. It was difficult to get used to, but when I came back to England, it felt like it was Summer .. *over exaggerating**. 

It was a bit of a nightmare when we arrived at the airport as there wasn't a constant flow of taxis due to the weather, so we had to wait 3 hours for a taxi, I was not a happy bunny as I'd been awake for about 18 hours at this point. When we finally arrived at the hotel, we then had to wait 30 minutes to check-in and when we did they'd given the room that we'd ask for away to someone else, so they gave us a different one - we were so tired, we didn't care at this point. That evening we flopped and I slept like a log, however, I did wake up the next morning at 7am which was 12pm England time. 

The day before my audition we explored New York a little which led to us buying emergency gloves, hats and ear muffs due to the cold. We scouted out where Juilliard was and it's such a beautiful school, way more beautiful than the ones in London and it's really big too! Afterwards, I rehearsed at the hotel (in our new room, still not the right one) and dad spent hours in Macy's buying things for himself!! As you can see, dad had a big breakfast of bacon and eggs, I went for pancakes but could only eat one due to how filling it was - I could not deal with the portion sizes, it was ridiculous.

On the day of my audition I had to be at Juilliard for 8:45, but I was there at 8:15 being the virgo I am. I made such a cute group of friends, including one Brit which was nice! At 9am, we all had to go in this room (studio) and do a warmup of the voice which was about half an hour and then we had to go back in to our waiting rooms (there were two). Then the individual auditions started straight after, I was up at 10am which gave me no time to really think about nerves. So, overall there were 140 of us auditioning that day and there were 7 panels auditioning people all at the same time, they chose 8/9 people to go through the next round (I wasn't one sadly). However, for the final recall they choose 40 people and have to choose 9 of them for their 2014 class, so the people who got the recall on the day may not even get that far! It's so crazy! I think I'm glad that I got turned away at that point, as I would have been more gutted if I'd been offered a place but no scholarship, as I would have had to have said 'Sorry.. but I can't afford it.. bye!'. 

Friday and Saturday were downer days for me, I guess I was feeling really blue about the whole thing. I felt so much pressure of being in New York, I was crazy tired, everyone back home was counting on me and it was super expensive to get there and I felt like I'd failed not just me but everyone. My dad tried to cheer me up, but he knew it just wasn't going to happen. Friday evening we went to a really nice restaurant called 'KOI' with dad's brother-in-law and his wife, that was super yummy and the portion size wasn't massive, although my pan-fried salmon was the biggest salmon fillet I've ever seen!

By Saturday, I'd gotten used to the American Time and was annoyed as we were flying back home that evening, but although I loved New York, coming back to England was so nice. It was a great experience overall and I totally recommend that everyone go to New York at some point in your life because it truly is beautiful in its own way. But, it's sweet dreams Juilliard, maybe see you next year, although I hope I won't have to!


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