Friday, February 28, 2014

The Makeup | Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer

You would never have thought that you'd see a primer on my blog, but today is that day. Bourjois gets it right on this one, they know that we want to achieve healthy, glowing skin without the need to search tutorials to get Cullen skin. In order to achieve radiant skin with minimal effort the Bourjois Happy Light range is perfect and my first start is with a primer. 

The packaging is really cute and sweet I feel, it almost gives off a 'fresh' looking vibe. It's also really easy to use and it comes with a pump. As it comes with a pump it means that you can control how much you want to use and minimises mess and waste. However, I do worry that I'm going to break the bottle easily as it's made of glass, but in my recent travels it's survived without any breakage. Although, due to it being made of glass makes a drugstore product seem more high-end which I like. 

There are actually two primers to choose from in the range, but I use the Matte one which is for normal to combination skin, whereas the other one is for normal to dry skin. The matte primer really does the job and leaves a matte canvas for me to work with before applying my makeup, as well as minimising pores. The primer has a slight peachy/pink appearance but when applied the tint disappears and doesn't alter the skin tone, so this primer can be used for all skin tones. 

The texture of the primer is an extremely light cream, almost serum/gel, which glides on to the skin when using my finger tips and it feels moisturising yet cooling when applied. It feels really light on the skin and does create a matte base, but isn't heavy or stiff. I think Bourjois' idea was to make it a mixture between a primer and a moisturising serum that can be used on its own or under a foundation. I feel that once applied it brightens my face and the complexion seems smoother with a nice matte finish, which is good for my slightly oily skin. I like to apply this before my foundation and as it leaves such a smooth base, it gives my foundation a flawless finish that lasts longer that it would if I'd worn it on its own. I think this is a great primer for £10.99 and is probably better for the day to achieve that radiance, but you might need something stronger for the evening. 



  1. This sounds like a really nice primer I really want to try it now!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

    1. It's amazing, literally makes my foundation last all day! x


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