Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Makeup | GUERLAIN Terracotta Sheer Bronzing Powder

I am always up for trying different bronzing powders as I constantly want to achieve the look that makes me look like I'm tanned all year round. Due to being half Malaysian, I am considered as 'olive' toned, but I'd say I'm a pale-olive, so I need me some bronzer. I actually bought the GUERLAIN Terracotta powder for my mumma and it was duty free, so, unfortunately I can't remember how much I'd spent. As, I am in Brighton at the moment, I always like to apply this powder because I also really love it and I never see my mum actually use it! 

The shade that I chose for my mum is '03 Brunettes' and I find that it works on both mine and my mum's skin tone as she's actually more of an olive than I am. However, it's not cakey or muddy, it's super natural which I just love. As you can see from the picture, the powder contains warm and coral shades which just adds radiance to my skin. I'm really impressed that there are four shades to choose from, as it means that everyone can pick and choose what suits them best. It's never a fun experience when you find a bronzer and it looks like dirt on you but magic on someone else! The pigmentation is just right for me and it's very blendable - I really use this as a bronzer and not as a contour, but if you were to use a heavy-hand you could achieve that look.  It's lasting power is really good too, it usually lasts for about 5-6 hours, but I haven't tested it for longer than that. 

The packaging is simply beautiful, the pattern of the powder really reminds me of a mermaids tail? Is that just me?... OK. The compact is very luxurious, sophisticated and elegant with a very handy mirror too. I just know that I'm going to end up with my own one and show it off in the Summer. 

As I said, I bought this at duty free, so I'm unsure of how much I paid, but it currently retails at £34, but on feelunique it's £33.50. This does make it a high end item, but it's worth it as it isn't one of those bronzers which contain glitter, or leaves you looking orange. It's a classic bronzing powder with luminous particles, leaving your look bronzed and highlighted. This leaves me with a positive review of this bronzer and I hope it encourages you to give it a go.. now to see if I can smuggle it in my makeup bag back to Essex. 

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