Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Makeup | Makeup For Glasses

I've pretty much worn glasses for most of my life, it was something that was inherited I believe which resulted in to me being severely short-sighted. When I was younger I used to think that I looked like an ugly toad whenever I wore glasses(this may be due to the fact that I actually sat on them and made them wonky; a picture which is on facebook!), so braved being blind and chose makeup over the glasses. Looking back, I highly regret doing so as I wonder if my eye sight would have improved if I wore them years ago. Now, I wear them everyday whenever I don't wear my contact lenses. I find that working around my glasses is the way to go when choosing what makeup to wear with them. As my glasses have a bold frame and our quite striking, I don't want any conflicting makeup to fight that. I want to show my babies off!

Lips - As my glasses have a bold, thick frame I don't want too much makeup going on my face, but when it comes to lips the bolder the better I say and it makes such a difference due to the black frame. I like to pick a bright or striking colour which is going to match the frame. I don't like to do too much with the eyes, so having a bright lip is going to pull the whole look together in the end. 

Eyes - As I have hardly any eyelashes, behind my lenses it probably looks like I have none, so, I tend to curl my lashes to the maximum and apply lashings of mascara. They don't brush against the lense and leave marks, so I doubt you'd have that problem, unless you're blessed with super long lashes. I don't like to apply lots of eyeshadow or liner when I'm wearing glasses, as I feel that my face would look a bit much with it on, layered with my bold glasses. I also think that when wearing glasses you need bold brows. Depending on the frame of your glasses, your brows might be hidden behind them, but if not then I like to keep mine tidy and strong, I don't want my glasses style to hide/drown them, so filling and tidying them is a must-have. 

Basics - Glasses magnify everything behind the eyes, so if you have dark circles, puffy eyes or bags you will need to conceal away. You want to make sure that your eyes look awake and bright, otherwise they'll look even more dark and tired than they actually are!


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