Thursday, March 27, 2014

Most Loved : The Brushes

I've been meaning to do this post for a long time, but have never gotten round to it as I could never remember to grab my camera once I'd washed them. These are brushes that I use on an everyday basis and I consider my favourite. Obviously, I use a lot more but out of the lot these ones are the creme-de-la-creme in my eyes! I've tried to mix and match the brands, but it does appear that MAC and Real Techniques are at the top of the list!

REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT FACE BRUSH -  This is sold separately from any of the main collection kits and I didn't really think I'd like it as much as I did and would revert back to the buffing brush. But, I fell in love with it! It's hairs are firm and broad which means that you can be precise with application, but due to its size it means that I can really buff and blend in smaller areas with foundation. I purely use this for foundation as recommended, but I'm sure other people have used it for other things too.  

REAL TECHNIQUES DELUXE CREASE BRUSH -  This is part of the 'starter set', which is a bit annoying if you don't want any of the other brushes, but I bought it knowing that I would use all and I do. But, this is primarily for contouring the eye, but I use this for blending in my concealer. This is the perfect size for concealer and the hairs are so soft on the skin. I found that it was a bit too oversized when contouring the eyes, but for concealer it just blends everything nicely and helps hide all blemishes and redness. 

MAC '217' BRUSH - The ever so popular blending brush and perfect reason. I love how this softly blends all the shadows together. Once I've applied various eyeshadows to my eyes, I use this to blend it all together, so there's no harsh lines and gives the eyes a softer look. Again, the hairs are so soft and I happily would stroke this brush over my eyelids any day!

MAC '266' BRUSH -  A small-angled brush which is used to fill in my brows. I usually pair this with my MAC eyeshadow in 'concrete' and lightly fill in my brows with strokes. This is the perfect size, as it means you can be more precise when filling in and makes it hard to make a mistake. This just makes doing my eyebrows so much easier than it used to be!

ELF BROW WAND -  This is clearly just an old spoolie brush that cost me £1.95 and is a favourite, as it tidies my big brows and keeps the hair at bay. I like to use this to brush through my brows before and after applying powder. It makes the brows look instantly better once brushing through and helps achieve the brow look I want. 



  1. Someday I will buy me some real techniques too :D
    But till then I looove to read about them ^^


  2. Heard so many great things about RT brushes. I'm going to get them as soon as possible! x


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