Thursday, March 13, 2014

Most Loved: From Benefit

Another 'most loved' post but this time we're concentrating on a high end brand that I have loved ever since I started wearing makeup, with the influence of my older sister. I went through that stage where I wanted to be exactly like my sister and wear all the things she was wearing! But, I must accept that phase as it led me to discover this brand as it was my sister's go-to at the time. Now, I have my own select few that I love and am going to share that with you below..

BENEFIT PLAY STICK -  Something that sound so wrong, but is so right when it comes to it. This was my favourite foundation/concealer/powder in one. A matte finish and very high coverage! I used to apply this with my Benefit foundation brush, which is now sadly in the bin for being so old and used up. I do love wearing this foundation on special occasions, especially, when I know it's going to be an event which is going to last the whole evening/day as the foundation lasts for such a long time. I remember I used to be the shade 'spin the bottle' and then upgraded to 'paper dolls' - aren't the names just really cute too?

BENEFIT SUN BEAM - A bronzey highlighter which gives you such a nice glow. I love wearing this when I have a tan, it's really natural too and almost adds a dewy effect to the skin. I like how there is a slight shimmer when hit by the sun. However, for those days where I'm in rainy England High Beam is the one to reach for. I like to apply this just above my cheekbones, down my nose, cupids bow and sometimes under the eyebrow, it looks so gorgeous. 

BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER & 10 BLUSH -  A gorgeous bronzing powder, one that doesn't make you look cakey, muddy or orange. It smells yummy too which is a bonus and the packaging is gorgeous as usual for Benefit. I like to apply this to the jawline, temples and cheekbones. It suits all skin tones, but I prefer wearing this especially when I have a tan, but I do wear it daily as well. I can't find the blusher '10' anywhere, so it must be discontinued. However, it had two halves, one was a highlight and one was a bronzey colour, so you could mix it together or just have one half of the brush in it. The highlight in this was so pretty on the cheekbones and made you glow. 

CALIFORNIA KISSIN' LIPGLOSS -  Again, another product I can't find on the website, but this is a lipgloss with a minty taste and smell which had no tint but made your lips super glossy. The problem I have with this is that it's quite heavy and thick on the lips, so I prefer to blot this on the lips. It's very glossy but not at all sticky which is the best combo.

BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL MASCARA -  Despite having a plastic wand, this is one of the best mascaras ever. It's volumising, lengthening and gives me fluttery lashes that I wish I had naturally. You need a tough eye makeup remover though as sometimes it's quite tough to get off, especially when you've applied lots of coats or re-applied. 

What are your favourites from Benefit? Recommendations?




  1. I love the Hoola Bronzer and the Lollitint :)

  2. great post, I like the Hool and Sunbeam too, I agree that they are both Summer products though.
    Need to try the "Theyr'e Real", I keep reading such amazing reviews about it!


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