Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Most Loved | From Rimmel

This is a little post that was inspired by Suzie but I'm going to be doing drugstore products, just so you guys can see what the creme-de-la-creme is for me amongst the drugstore. Therefore, my first one is based around Rimmel. It wasn't until I'd decided I'd do this post that I realised how many Rimmel products I own and how much I love that brand. So, I have chosen six of my favourites which was really hard as I wanted to add more, but here you go...

RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION FOUNDATION - Now, this was a tough one as I really wanted to pick the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, but this was what it came to. This foundation leaves my skin looking flawless and this was the very first foundation that I actually liked to apply with my fingers - shocker. It gives a medium to full coverage and it does last for a couple of hours which is fabulous. It has that signature Rimmel smell that's quite fruity/suncream-y, which I actually like and at £6.99, it's a foundation that I'll always pick up and highly recommend. 

RIMMEL WAKE ME UP CONCEALER -  Light to medium coverage with a slight dewy finish. It's quite glowy and therefore, a concealer I would preferably use in the Summer or when I don't want to wear too much makeup. I haven't tried it with the foundation and wonder what the combination would be like together - superheroes?

RIMMEL SCANDALEYES SHADOW PAINT -  My favourite shade is in 'Rich Russet' which is a bronzey/brown mixture and I love it. I love that it's a cream formula and is really smooth and blendable when applied, plus it dries not too quickly, but in enough time that you can mess around with it beforehand. I like that it's not in a pot and so, it doesn't go over my hands, which makes it so quick and easy to apply. 

RIMMEL SOFT KHOL KAJAL EYE PENCIL -  A staple that is in my makeup routine. A white eyeliner is a must have and the Rimmel one is so nice as it glides on easily, doesn't smudge and lasts for a couple of hours. It's also really affordable and last a super long time in your collection. 

RIMMEL SCANDALEYES RETRO GLAM MASCARA -  I was so intrigued by this mascara just from the advert on the television, it was 60's themed and the lashes on the model looked beautiful and I had to get it. This instantly adds volume and lengthens my lashes without looking like spider legs. I only have to apply two coats to achieve the look that I like and the bottle is snazzy too. 

RIMMEL KATE MOSS LIPSTICK in '107' -  This is a well-known favourite amongst everybody I think. A beautiful matte lipstick, which is a dark berry colour that makes any look vampy. I love this lipstick so much and would happily wear it for every season if I could, but I'd probably get some weird looks. 



  1. Really want to try the wake me up concealer, as i love the foundation (: xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

    1. It's a really nice, light concealer! xx

  2. I agree that the Match Perfection is the better foundation out of it and Wake me Up. Great idea for an post by the way, I am always looking to see what other good high street items are out there.


  3. Great post, I don't think I've ever tried any of these products but they sound great!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe


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