Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Basics Vs. The Full Hog

Do we go all for it or stick to the minimum? As the sun is finally beginning to shine and the degrees are slowly going up the scale, it always makes me question what and how much to put on my face. Especially a couple of weekends ago when I was donning a knitted jumper and leggings but wore no makeup, whilst looking after Rupert's sister who was running around in a bikini! I've been really into heavy eyes at the moment with primer, foundation etc, but when applying my makeup today, I held back on the different eye shadows and applied less makeup than usual as I didn't want to sweat it off!

Last Summer, I hardly wore much makeup and it's evident from my youtube videos and I think I knew what products I really needed on my face. I'm not a fan of tinted moisturiser or CC/BB creams, so I skipped that part and just used concealer, mainly because in the Summer my skin is at its best too. Therefore, I like to go for a light concealer like the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and use that for under my eyes as well as over any blemishes or redness using a brush from Real Techniques. Whether I'm sporting a slight tan or not, I'll go for a darker shade than the usual one, but a tan in March seems unlikely to me. 

I then fill my brows with the usual powder from MAC, but depending on how warm it is outside then I might use the Maybelline Brow Gel. Just as it doesn't feel as heavy and is lighter on the brows without leaving them stiff or hard. Then, I will apply some white eyeliner in the waterline, usually Rimmel, and perhaps stoke some liquid liner on the eyes, my preference is one from L'oreal as it's so easy to use and achieve the look you want. 

I then like to apply a moisturising lipstick or gloss, usually Revlon as they do the laquer/matte balms or the lip butters which have a range of colours and are still so moisturising and nourishing for the lips. I do think I'm going to have to ease my way in to the minimal makeup as I do love my current makeup routine with my NAKED palette, but when it comes to the Spring/Summer I'll be attempting to wear less makeup as possible. This will also give my skin a break and enhance my natural beauty, hey I may even leave the house with no makeup on.. providing it won't scare anyone to death!



  1. Great post! I must say i much prefer natural makeup as it's so hassle-free and looks so pretty and subtle too (: xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I barely wear any make up in the summer months as I spend most of my time at the beach or by the pool. :) xx

  3. I hardly use make up now as my skin feels so much better as I am taking more care with my skincare routine. A better skin care routine = less need for a full hog of make up on my face every day. Do you agree?

    Lady Brunette


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