Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Bedside Basics..

All bedside tables contain various items such as a candle, a secret diary or even some secret chocolate. I like to have a few select products on my bedside table that are the things that I 'must' do before bed and I do like to keep it minimal - cluttered bedside table is a cluttered brain before bed which isn't good. Every now and again I'll change the products that are lurking and replace with something new.

The main constant that always remains on the bedside is my lamp, everybody needs a lamp unless you have cool wall lamps or even cooler, a clapper light. I have no idea where it's from but it's great for when I want to read before bed or cross of things on my to-do list from that day. Although, the lamp is usually accompanied by my vanilla and coconut candle which smells delicious, as well as little candle which has no scent and is more for decor, oh well. I do always have to have a hand cream and apply it before bed, just to keep my hands moisturised and prevent them from going dry, as well as keeping those wrinkles at bay as the first signs of ageing is your neck and your hands. 

Usually I have my nail polish of choice but I wasn't wearing any when I took these, but if you were to take a look now you would see Tanya Burr's 'Bright and Easy'. I also have to have a lip balm before which is Vaseline at the moment, I don't particularly love this brand but I'm trying to use them up. I always have my kindle as well as that encourages me to read before bed and relaxes me, as well as being a better choice to turn to over my phone or iPad. As you can see I have a picture of Rupert and I by my bed which I always look at before bed and think 'I really must get a frame for that' and like to ponder and wonder about him and I whilst looking at it.

Other products which aren't pictured which I like to have at hand is my notebook where I note down YouTube video ideas or blog post ideas and always a glass of water before bed.. I get thirsty in the night!



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