Monday, March 03, 2014

The Clothes | Jumper & Shorts Combo

As you know I'm not one for fashiony-style posts. Earlier last month, I popped over to my old house to see if there were any letters that needed picking up and amongst them was a package for me. Extremely exited I wondered what it could be, it was a purchase that I had completely forgotten about and was going to ask the company for a refund as I thought it had got lost in the post or whatever. 

I do love my fashion and although I don't have a particularly unique or quirky style, I do like my bits and bobs. This outfit was a venture for me as I've never worn anything matching with the top and bottoms. I don't know why, but I thought it would make me look fat if I did that and already being extremely insecure about my body I just crossed it off on a fashion list. However, I really like this pair. I ordered the two-piece suit from an online shop called CHOIES and due to purchasing this months and months ago, they don't have this particular pattern anymore, but there are plenty of similar and just as beautiful pieces in this section

What I particularly love about this is that they're so comfy, it's sort of a 'sweatpant' material and therefore, can be worn around the house, or during the Summer or paired with tights and heeled boots on a night out somewhere. The various patterns on the jumper and shorts are so intricate and up my street too; stars, dots and a baroque style too. The mixture of black, navy and light blue/grey adds to my love of monochrome and colours close to that scale. It's a love relationship going here. 


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