Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Fashion | Millie Mackintosh Style

I haven't done a post like this in a while, my last one was based around Vanessa Hudgens (HERE) and I actually really enjoy these sort of posts. So, if you haven't already realised this one is going to be about Millie Mackintosh. The woman who graced our televisions on the show 'Made in Chelsea', who wore a stunning wedding dress to Professor Green and just all round fashion inspiration. I also love that Millie is British and therefore understands England weather, because just as much as I love V-Hudgen's style, I don't see myself wandering around in a white, crochet crop and short suit any time soon. 

After being addicted to 'Made in Chelsea' it was no surprise that I instantly thought that Millie is absolutely gorgeous! Some people might not agree but that's cool, we don't all have the same view of what is beautiful. Personally, I find Millie's facial features, figure and hair gorgeous - it is fair to say that is one of my girl crushes. You can see from the pictures above that she does have a figure to die for and some people may not like that she's not curvy, but I believe that she's just one of those women who are healthy, exercise and not one to starve themselves. Although I do love my Beyonce a lot and girls should strive towards that body rather than the thigh gap trend, ramble over. I think Millie is genuine, honest, she's confident, inspirational and comes across as a down-to-earth girl, which may not have been perceived on the show. 

I like that she isn't living off of her parents, she's a trained make up artist and also runs a blog herself which features beauty, fashion and skincare with dashes of lifestyle. She has a career that I would happily like, as well as having skin that looks perfect with no makeup on. Which brings me on to the point of loving her makeup. It's always so simple but perfect, I've actually watched a few of her videos on youtube to see how she does it and she's just amazing. 

As you can see above, Millie does tend to stick to monochrome, which is right up my street, but every now and again she'll wear an item of clothing which has colour and completely changes the whole look of the outfit and feel of it. I feel that Millie always oozes elegance whatever she wears and never has a fashion faux-pas! Despite sticking to her blacks, Millie proves that wearing simple/basic things can be enough and her outfits can be beautiful. I love how she'll accessorise with a hat, a necklace and I do love her fur gilets that she wears.  


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