Friday, March 21, 2014

The Impulse Purchase | Crownbrush Brushes

I love makeup brushes so much, I am constantly wanting to expand my collection and it's so much easier to have a bunch of brushes, so then you don't have to constantly wash them, which can be such a chore. What I don't like is how expensive brushes can be, especially if you want to purchase back-up's to the ones you have. I'm on the hunt for eye brushes, because MAC ones are very expensive, but the Real Techniques ones aren't that great. After reading various blog posts about Crownbrush Makeup brushes, and checking out their website, I was amazed at how cheap they are! So far, I've only bought three brushes because I felt a bit overwhelmed with how many brushes they sold. Some of the brushes have the names printed, but some don't and they have different bristles as well as brush handles. I was also impressed with the delivery, as I recieved them two days after I'd ordered them for £2.99, I still haven't used them because the packaging is just too cute, and I might be doing a haul video, so watch this space. 

One of the ones I bought was the C441 Pro Blending Crease brush and is constantly compared to the MAC 217 brush. It's got a matte black wooden handle, with goat white bristles. The bristles are really soft, this is definitely going to become my MAC 217 brush back-up, as I can tell that this is going to be good. The best thing about it? It was £3.99.  

The C433 Pro Blending Fluff brush is one of Crownbrush bestsellers, with natural goat hair bristles. The bristles are rounded which creates a dome shape, which is different to the C441 brush. Again, people compare this to the MAC 217 brush, but I'm none the wiser until I actually release it from its packaging! This wasn't as cheap as the C411 but it was only £6.09, way cheaper than the 217!

Lastly, this is the BK13 Blending Fluff brush which I could use for a blending brush, but I'm not sure. I may use it mainly as an eyeshadow brush, either way it's a must have. The bristles are sable and the handle is a black patent material. It's super soft and something that I'll definitely be using daily, the best thing is that its £2.69!


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