Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Impulse Purchase | MAC Eyeshadow Quad

Last week, I was on Twitter thinking about getting myself my first MAC eyeshadow quad and with some encouragement from one of my lovely friends that was all I needed. I'd been wanting a quad for ages, not with any particular shade in mind, but I knew that with my OCD brain if I wanted one, I'd want to fill it straight away. Below I've listed the run down of my shiny, beautiful MAC quad, all shades I've never used before:

Top Left - BLANC TYPE: A creamy matte shade which will be good for a neutral eye, possibly for under the brow or the inner corner of the eye. 

Top Right - ALL THAT GLITTERS: A peachy/beige shimmer shade which would work well with the two matte shades in the quad. I reckon this would look beautiful in the Summer, on it's own or with a cat eye where the sun will hit it and you'll see a hint of glitter. 

Lower Left - BROWN DOWN: A matte, everyday brown that could be used in the crease or through brows. It could also be nice to create a smokey brown eye or would look lovely with 'all that glitters'. 

Lower Right - BEAUTY MARKED: I was originally going for a neutral quad, but then I saw this shade and fell in love. It's a purple, almost cranberry shimmer shade which would look beautiful on the eye. 

I fear that this is making me want to start a 15 Palette.. I don't know if I could put my OCD brain to that thought or my purse for that matter!


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  1. Looks lush! Excellent purchase ;)
    Mine still has two holes in it and it's killing me. I think my next visit to MAC is going to be an expensive one...


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