Friday, March 14, 2014

The Life | A Shoulder To Cry On

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Typically, I'm one of those people who tends to bottle things up and then when everything gets too much for me, I explode like a tube of toothpaste sometimes. This is because I don't talk about my problems and like to keep them to myself as I don't want to trouble people or worry them with my ordeals. As I've gotten older, I've come to realise that bottling things up is the worst thing to do and that there are people around me who are willing to listen, not judge and help. 

It was so silly of me to bottle things up when I'm a person who loves helping other people with their problems, I hate seeing people distressed and try to help in any way I can. I remember someone saying to me that I should be a therapist or a counsellor as I'd be A+ at it, but I think I'd get too attached to the people. I really do enjoy listening and caring about other people and helping them as much as I can, I also feel this way about animals.. currently trying to help a charity for Pygmy hippos. I've always been like this, even when I was younger, the majority of the time I like to put people before myself. 

Why am I writing this post you ask? It's just to say, if you ever need to moan, get some advice, cry or rant then you can always email me or if you want to remain anonymous you can do so on my tumblr (HERE). I'm constantly getting emails and messages from people who have asked for my help/advice and I've never not replied or attempted to help. Making you happy makes me happy - even if you just want someone to listen I will. I most definitely won't judge anyone, I've had to deal with lots of things in the past and present and will no doubt know how you feel about most things. Anything you email me will be absolutely confidential and if I don't know much about the subject, I will research and try to help. I'm not saying I am well-known in all categories in life, but I shall try to help. 

My email is in the contact page on my blog, if you're looking for it. 


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  1. Hello there!
    love your blog, and you're really pretty! :))
    I can totally relate to what you're writing about I'm always here for my friends and helping anyone as much as I can..but again I would probably get too attached..
    If you ever want to 'unbottle' anything that troubles you, let me know I would love to help!^^
    Have a nice day and don't forget to smile! :))-V.


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