Monday, March 17, 2014

The Life | Someday Summary #1

I don't really do these sort of posts but after some deliberating I thought it would be a nice idea to just jot down and share with you all what's been on my mind lately, big or small. I'm actually currently sitting in Starbucks, sipping on a skinny vanilla latte waiting to go for an interview - oh the joys of scheduled posts, hopefully by now I should know what the outcome if the interview is!

❤︎ Being a student is really hard. Especially when you're someone who is in to reading beauty and fashion blogs or watching hauls on YouTube as you are so tempted to buy things but you turn to your account and sigh. I feel your pain fellow students don't you worry. But it's made me realise that I definitely do not want another gap year next year, purely because I'm bored of being bored. Yes, I've been concentrating on my blog and YouTube, but you all know that my main dream is to be acting somewhere..I guess what I trying to say is, I'd rather be at drama school and have no money than be at home and have no money... Either way being a student sucks.

❤︎ I've really enjoyed blogging everyday and sticking to my YouTube videos once a week. It's dawned on me how much time I actually spend doing those things, don't get me wrong I absolutely love it and would love to have a career out of it as a plan B, but I don't think people understand how time consuming it is. Taking the photos, editing the photos, writing the post, finding links for things, posting it on twitter etc. It's the same with videos you have to set up, do your face, film, edit, export, upload, take a thumbnail, write in the description and share all over again. But it's totally worth it - I love it so much.

❤︎ Despite it tipping down with rain when I walked out the front door this morning, I am really enjoying that the sun has started coming out. It's made me really excited for Spring and bungs to come. I am definitely one of those people where the weather effects my mood I think.. However, this means I want to go out and buy every pastel-coloured piece of clothing there is in Topshop.

❤︎ Hmm.. In my 2014 goals (HERE) I said that one of my aims was to cuddle a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy or dog.. Well, heads up.... It still hasn't happened. When I was in Dorset last month we went for a walk along the beach and I spotted 4 of them whichever ere all puppies and I so very nearly stole one.. Joking... Kind of.

❤︎ I am so proud of Rupert. Last month his film got nominated for 'Best Student Film' at the St Albans Festival, but now he's also been nominated for 'Best Performance', 'Best student film maker' and 'Best Sci-Fi' at the ScreenTest Festival in London. I am so amazed and can't believe it!, if you haven't seen the film, it really was incredible you can watch it HERE!


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