Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Lifestyle | Neal's Yard Healing Foods

I really love cooking and being on my own most evenings it means that I have to cook for myself and when I do, I like to try and make new and healthy meals. Whilst browsing for some new recipes I came across the latest book from Neal's Yard. I bought it straight away off Amazon and awaited excitedly for the package to arrive, when it arrived with a might thud, I couldn't wait to absorb all the healthy foods and it's amazing. 

'Healing Food's' actually came out last year and contains 352 pages which are filled with healthy meal that are beautifully photographed paired with a nice layout which makes it easy to read. At the beginning it talks about different diets over the world, covers organic food and genetically modified foods. It covers nearly every food that you could think of in descriptive detail, which list why it's good for you, how to cook it to get the best results from it. Thereafter, the book shows different meal combination that can heal different symptoms you may be suffering, going from flu to skincare. 

Towards the end of the book are the recipes, my favourite bit, which have drinks, dinner, snacks, desserts, lunches etc. Each recipe has a symbol that shows how it'll help the body - amazing! I love the drinks section and want to get my hands on a juicer pronto. 

I bought it on Amazon for £11.55, but it retails at other places for £16.99 so I would check out Amazon or eBay first. This book is so informative about food and therefore, it's a recipe book that I'll be keeping for a long, long time. This really encourages people to eat healthily, yet you can still have those treats which is my idea of brilliance. I like knowing what I'm putting in to my body and with this book, I can control what I'm eating and whether it's going to be good or bad for my health/body/skin!


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