Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Bit of a personal one today, one dedicated to my older sister who probably won't ever see this, but who cares, it's the thought that she'll never know about counts! I do apologize for all the different sized photos and any photo where I look a bit on the off-side, but I do love these photos of the two of us. Now, I'm not overly-open about my family or my private life and I do intend to keep it that way, but I just wanted to write a post about how important family is, no matter what problems or issues there are within one. A little fact file about my sister then...

NAME - Rebecca Louise Speight aka B, Becks, Becky

AGE - 25 (Scorpio!)
JOB - English Teacher..(a very good one)
THINGS WE HAVE IN COMMON - Both verging on OCD, in love with 'Grey's Anatomy', love organizing and planning, studious, dedication, love reading and going to the cinema and both chocoholics!

We do have a pretty big age gap between us, but it doesn't feel that way, I can be mature or she can be immature, depending on the day! As you can see, we don't look anything a like, but that's a whole different story. Just know that we're actually half-sisters but we don't like saying 'half', we both have different mothers, obviously mine is asian. Despite our personality differences at time, B is one of my best friends, someone I can always turn to, complain with, go shopping with, veg out with. We like saying that she's my rock and I'm her pebble.. inside joke I suppose! I know people who have become very distant with their siblings and even hate them, and I think how important it is to keep your family close. I'm not saying B and I haven't had our fair share of arguments because we have, but that just happens between family members. I'll tell you that B is very protective and tries to mother me a lot which can be quite annoying, but I know she does it because she cares. So, I urge all of you who have siblings or cousins or just family to remain close with them, because they won't be there forever, but they'll always be there when in need. 


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