Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Makeup | Super Minimal

I love makeup, I love everything about it and I love that there are so many brands to choose from. But there are days when I wake up and think.. 'I really can not be bothered to put on makeup today' and yes I could go au natural, but even when I'm 'off duty' there are still errands I have to do and people I have to see. My skin is being very, very kind to me as of late, and so a base is rarely needed, but I still grab it and a heavy eye look isn't needed everyday. Being a youtuber and blogger, I love experimenting different looks with my makeup and then shoot a video to make the most of my time. There's this and also times where I'm going out to see friends, seeing Rupert, interviews and auditions. So, when I do give my face a little makeup-free day it feels so nice to just be light on the face.. make sense? But, as I said sometimes there are days where I don't want the full job, but do still need some on and this is what it looks like.. 

COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER (2) -  I still need to cover up some scarring, my dark circles and any darkness by the corners of my mouth and nose, literally love this stuff. 

MAYBELLINE BROW DRAMA -  I rarely use this, but on days where I don't want much makeup, the idea of spending a long time with an angled brush and powder isn't appealing. So, this brow gel clings to the hairs and adds a hint of colour, making things look thicker and yet natural, still maintaing your normal brow shape. 

L'OREAL FALSE LASH FLUTTER MASCARA -  I like my eyes to look awake so this mascara adds a bit of dimension as well as a wide-eye look, which is perfect. I also like to pair this with a white eyeliner as this really brightens up the eyes, usually from Rimmel

REVLON PHOTOREADY CREAM BLUSHER (PINCHED)-  A natural, peach/orange blush. As it's a cream it takes no time at all to apply with the fingertips or a stippling brush. It's really pigmented, but very blendable and leaves a natural, barely there, natural look. 

BARRY M LIP GLOSS WANDS (11) -  I've fallen in love with lipgloss, which is weird for me, but its happened. This is a sheer pink, non-sticky or gloopy and smells delicious.


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