Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Makeup | Urban Decay NAKED Basics

Last December I was wandering around the Urban Decay counter, looking for the de-slick spray and spontaneously decided to purchase this little eyeshadow palette. When I got home I was slightly giddy and excited about using it, I wanted to experiment with wearing eye shadows and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

One of the main reasonings  as to why I was attracted to this palette and love it so much, is that there are no shimmer shades. The palette contains six eyeshadows which are matte, nude/neutral everyday wear. This means that it's a bloggers dream - every girl needs a neutral palette and this fits the bill quite nicely and it end to get on better or prefer matte shadows over shimmer.

The packaging itself I really like and is different to the other palettes within the Urban Decay NAKED collection. It isn't made of suede/velvet and there's no noisy tin. Due to what it's made of it means that if it gets dirty, it's really easy to wipe off if need be. But, I've had mine for a while and it's been travelling with me and I haven't had to clean it. The palette consists of a highlight, two lid colours and three crease colours, but you can use these shades to however you want them to be. I find that this palette is great for a simple, one shade look or/either a smokey eye - it's all down and up to you. 

Well, is it worth it for £22? Personally, I think it is, especially as it's more affordable than the NAKED one, two and three at £37. It also works out as cheaper as buying an individual MAC eyeshadow for £9, as the cost for these individually is £3.60. When it comes to travelling, I think it's so easy to bring these six shades rather than individual ones which could get broken and due to this palette's size it can fit in to tiny bags/pockets. Basically, yes I do think it's worth it and it's a love relationship. 



  1. I absolutely love my naked basics palette, it's so simple but so nice x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I have just recently bought this to and i love it! I hope to do a review on aswell x


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