Friday, March 28, 2014

The Reading List | Book Review #2

I haven't done one of these in a while, I really like writing these as it gives me a chance to remember the books I read and also recommend some books to you guys. This might not be my ordinary blog post, so if you don't fancy it then don't worry! I have done one before in the Summer of last year (HERE) and enjoyed it so, here's another one! I've read all of these books recently, so they're still fresh in my mind. I enjoy reading so much and I think it's important to read as we can get so lost within technology and the television, so reading is a must-have for me. Just a side-note, I have a kindle so I get the books for slightly cheaper, but will leave a link for each book with a non-kindle option price too. If you have any recommendations of any books then please leave them below!

'I HEART..' BOOK SERIES BY LINDSEY KELK -  This is a very 'sex and the city' type book and there's six of them! This book series was featured in a monthly favourites due to its addictive narrative and heart-warming characters. This is an easy-read and definitely a chick-lit, but it's just brilliant. You follow a character called Angela Clarke who ends up living in NY for various reasons and you follow her journey over the books, it's funny, emotional, overall brilliant, it's a great girly book and I managed to whizz through the books like there was no tomorrow. 

'LET IT SNOW' BY JOHN GREEN, MAUREEN JOHNSON & LAUREN MYRACLE -  A book set during Christmas, it really does put you in the mood for Christmas or missing it if you're reading it after. I liked that this was three short stories which all concluded together and filled in missing gaps, links to all the other stories and had me say to myself 'oooohhh.. that's sooo cool!' at the end. I'm not usually one for short stories but due to it being connected, it worked really well. Plus, anything by John Green and you know it's going to have you locked in. It's not a weepy one but it does make you feel connected to the characters, this is also set in America but it's fabulous, with a love story, friendship dilemmas as well as family ones. Intriguing! 

'SHARP OBJECTS' BY GILLIAN FLYNN' -  I was in love with Flynn's book 'Gone Girl', which is now being turned in to a film, and knew that I'd love this one and I really did, I finished it in two days. This is a thriller/crime/psychological, 'whodunnit' book! One of my favourite genres as it really gets your mind thinking! You follow a woman who is a journalist for a newspaper as she has to go to her hometown to find out some scoop on a murder and the story really begins there, so I won't ruin it for you. This had be guessing all the way through and I thought the murderer was one person, when actually it was someone completely different! Amazed!

'DIVERGENT' BY VERONICA ROTH -  I followed the crowd on this one and heard great reviews, so I just had to read it and again was locked in and finished it in two days! I am disappointed that there's going to be a film, because it's going to be so wrong to how I see the 'divergent' world in my head, I watched the trailer and already got confused as I swear the main girl is also the main in 'The Fault In Our Stars', hey ho! The book itself is incredible, you enter a completely different world which was created by the imagination of Roth and it simple astounds me. She's thought out every detail and covered every base, very JKR!



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  2. Divergent is so amazing :) I just love this book list :)
    Orla | The Whimsy Sea

  3. Love, love, love the book list! :)


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