Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Video | February Favourites


February has been and gone, which means a round up of the products that I loved in one month are released on to the web, sounds a bit dramatic, in video and blog form. I really enjoyed February overall as a month, so many great things happened and I felt I was so pro-active with a lot of things. So, let's get on with the favourites, but for more detail do go and check out my video (HERE) as well as some bloopers at the end which might make you laugh.

BOURJOIS HAPPY LIGHT MATTE PRIMER -  There are two in this range but I chose the normal to combination skin one. Overall, I loved the primer as it was light, smooth, non-sticky and non-heavy. It smells nice and looks like it gives a peachy tone, but it doesn't, it's perfect and leaves my skin smooth, fresh and slightly more matte than before. 

REVLON NEARLY NAKED FOUNDATION -  I'm so impressed with this foundation, it gives a medium to full coverage and lasts the whole day. I won't go in to too much detail as I want to go in to a longer review of the product, but just know that I love it. 

BARRY M LIPGLOSS in '11' -  On the website it looks orange but it's not, this is the lipgloss I've been wearing in my previous videos and it's gorgeous. It gives a slight pink tinge, it's not sticky and smells super yummy, which is always a bonus with a lipgloss. 

NARS EYSHADOW DUO in 'ISOLDE' -  Not going in to too much detail as I've done a full review, but this so beautiful and I've been turning to this for an everyday basis. It's a bonzey/gold duo which work beautifully together, as it's long-lasting and the pigmentation is a dream. 

THIERRY MUGLER 'ALIEN' PERFUME -  An old and forever favourite of mine which has been re-visited this month as I found lots of samples of it lurking in my drawer. The smell is just so distinctive, mysterious and feminine, it has become my signature smell amongst friends and family. 

OTHER THINGS -  I've been in love with the chocolate 'Crispello', I've never tried it before and they're amazing. The vanilla stuff inside the shell is like a whole other world, I love nibbling on them whilst sipping on some tea, watching tv or reading blogs. I've also been obsessed with 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', I just love Sarah Michelle Gellar so much and I remember watching this as a child and so it's quite nostalgic re-watching them all. I forgot to mention in my video that I really loved two books which are 'Sharp Objects' and 'Divergent', I'm worried about it being turned in to a film as it may ruin my imagination or 'my' world of it. Lastly, my trip to Disneyland and Dorset was the best thing ever and I want to go again, I've written a more detailed post about it (HERE). Do check out my feb faves in video form over on my channel!



  1. Glad i stumbled across you blog. Have been wondering if to purchase the bourjois primer or not. How long does it help your skin to stay matte?

    Just followed yours and look forward to reading more from your blog.

    Id love for you to check out my blog.

    Lucilla xx

    1. I'm glad you have too! I think it depends on your skin type, but I have normal/oily skin and when I use this with foundation, it lasts the whole day on me!

      I'll have a look!



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