Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Video | Update: New Username, New Upload Day & Disney Chit Chat!

You might be able to tell from this picture that my video is Disneyland orientated and guess what.. IT IS!! It's also got an update-y bit at the beginning that I wanted to get out of the way. So, if you'd like to watch the video and find out my experience at Disneyland then take a look! But, below I will just summarise the updates for you and give you a link to my written and detailed post about my experience at Disneyland because that's what we call cheating!

- I have changed my username on my youtube, twitter, tumblr, instagram and attempted to do so for my blog but it was being extremely annoying, so that's still a working progress. It is now 'BONJOUR BELLA'! I have never been happy with my name and 'beautyflutters' didn't mean anything to me at all and It was a name I picked on the spot. But, after being in Paris and just speaking French to people, I was singing to myself with the alliterated phrase and I loved it! I love that it has my name in it and it just seems more appropriate for people to find me better. I hope you don't mind!

- I'm now going to only upload on a Sunday aka one video a week. I felt really pressured to create two videos a week that were up to good standard, whereas now, I can concentrate on one video and make that better and interesting for you. Plus, it gives you more time to respond, process, like, comment on the video rather than having one on thursday and one on sunday. Obviously if I post one in the week it'll be a little treat for you, but what with auditions and personal things, it's just one video a week on a Sunday at the moment. 

- Now, you've all had a detailed description of my experience at Disneyland (HERE), but if you do want to see me talking about it then do feel free to check out the video and please let me know what your experiences were if you've been!


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