Sunday, April 20, 2014

How To: Wash Your Hair

This might seem odd to you, it was odd to me, but, apparently there's a certain way of washing your hair and a lot of us seem to get it wrong. I thought you just squeeze some out the tube and then lather it in to your hair, but it seems there is an aid of doing it. After some research, below is how we're supposed to wash our hair..

First off, you need to wash your hair with lukewarm water, as really hot water can damage the hair. Once, you've adjusted the temperature, make sure your whole head of hair is wet, as this helps spread the shampoo all over. Next, take a 5p or 10p size of shampoo to use (apparently that's all you need..) and squeeze the shampoo in to your hands, rather than directly on to your head. By doing so, it ensures a thorough cleansing of the hair. Thereafter, rinse the shampoo off. Before you apply conditioner, remove any excess water that's on the hair and don't put the conditioner on your scalp as this makes your hair very flat!

I also learnt from, Philip Kingsley, that too much shampoo can dull the hair. You should only spread a little bit over the hair and massage it into the hair gently. To increase lather, you should be adding more water instead of more of the product. He says to 'rinse and rinse again to make sure there's no residue'. 


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