Monday, April 07, 2014

The Life | Train Bound

Apologies for the iPhone photos, but I've been super busy and haven't even been near my own camera and I will explain why. The busiest two weeks happened and therefore, explains why I haven't been posting. As you can see from the pictures, I've been travelling quite a bit (more like a lot) and Starbucks appeared to be my port of call. So, what could possibly have pulled me away from posting you ask?

My last post was at the end of March, that weekend I was helping out at Rupert's brother's party as he had a whole bunch of friends over and the main crux of it all was that Rupert had been to hospital and so couldn't help out. As you can see from the last picture, he had to go to hospital, due to a head injury that he got whilst longboarding. This ended up with him losing a lot of his memory and as soon as I found out, I went straight from my Central audition and headed to his house. He's ok now, he's gaining back his memory but it was super scary and he was considering cancelling his project, which you'll know about if you saw the video (HERE). Before that though, Rupert won the 'Outstanding Young Filmmaker Award' which is absolutely insane and I'm so proud of him. 

I also got a new hat which I'm in love with, this particular one was from Boohoo and I'll probably feature it in a little haul, so keep an eye out for all the details. I also wore my glasses a lot more which I never do and have no idea why, considering I paid a lot of money for them! On to the travelling, last monday I only had four hours sleep as Rupert and his friends were rehearsing for the Kickstarter video (HERE). Begrudgingly, I woke up at 6am and made my way to my Rose Bruford audition, whilst they got to go to the Youtube creative space, which I was super jealous about. Thereafter, I headed to my grandad's which is where my lodgings were for the rest of the week. On Tuesday, I was well rested and headed to Bristol which took hours and I was slightly miffed as my audition was literally five minutes. I worked out that the walk to the train station was longer than my audition! That being said the travelling took up most of the day. On the Wednesday I headed to Guildford and had another audition which I really enjoyed actually, despite splitting my toenail in half which is disgusting, I know! Thursday and Friday was spent at work in London, which you can see with my laptop and a Starbucks. I have such a long to-do list with everything going on at work. I went back to Rupert's and helped him with his Kickstarter, we also saw some of our friends for a coffee on the saturday which was really nice.. yet again at Starbucks. 

There you have it, a brief explanation as to why I haven't been around. If you didn't know already, Rupert and I will be uploading two videos a week on my channel for this whole month, to help raise money for his film project later next month. I do apologize for the lack of posts but I have no camera with me or products to take images of, so you'll just have to bear with me. Anyway, here's to a calmer week and not too much travelling, although I do have to head in to London on Tuesday & Wednesday!



  1. The Design of your blog is so perfect! :)

  2. I will be waiting for your videos, and i wish you luck with raising this money ;**
    P.S. I love your hat ;>

  3. Nice blog, dear! I really love it!
    Have a nice day♥


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