Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Tips | Eye Make-Up Crisis

Sometimes you're a bit heavy-handed or in a rush and to top it off, your mascara smudges, your eyeliner goes wonky, you can't find your concealer, so below are just a few tips to keep you calm when things go array. 


Have a cotton bud nearby, this will fix all your mascara problems. Just use the cotton bud to wipe away the mistake/smudge gently and it should be done. Another tip that I've recently found out, is that is you have really long lashes and you're not too keen on emphasising that, then don't coat the tips of your bottom lashes. 


This could mainly be for those with oily or watery eyelids/waterlines/eyes. Instead of your usual eyeliner of choice, why not try a gel liner. It lasts a lot longer and gives a more intense look to the eyes. One that I highly recommend is the Supershock Gel Eyeliner, which is around the £6 mark on Avon, but it's lasts a long time and is worth it if you struggle with eyeliner lasting. 


Whether you're out and about, went to a spontaneous sleepover, or lost your mascara, as long as you've got an eye liner in black then you're sorted. Dot a black pencil extremely close to your lashes on your eyelid, as if you were going to do a flick. This will then create the illusion of fuller lashes and a mascara-ed eye!


When that concealer and powder and every single thing on the earth isn't helping those tired eyes, try a brightening blush. Sounds weird, but take a cream blusher, a good example is Guerlain's blush in pink and the blush detracts from the dark shadows, just don't overload it. 



  1. Thanks for the tips! Super helpful!! :) xx


  2. Omg, thankyou! love the post :)) x

  3. Great tips, especially the blusher for dark circles - how odd! I find Loreal's eye and lips make up remover on a cotton bud is a life saver for eyeliner mishaps.

    claireizabeth.blogspot.co.uk x


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