Tuesday, May 06, 2014

BEAUTYFLUTTERS | Youtube Makeover...

Just like my blog, my youtube banner needed to be updated desperately! My old banner didn't really scream who I am or anything about my personality, it just had my name and some cookie crumbs, which is slightly accurate.. BUT, have you seen it now?? It's so funny, Rupert and I have some mutual friends that we were unaware of, one person being a guy called Harry. Harry is Rupert's childhood best friend and still is today, Harry and I both went to the same school from year 9 - 11. Anyway, the point of me telling you this story is that Harry was the one who designed this for me! 

Being very talented at art, I knew Harry would do a great job. I told him what sort of thing I wanted and provided him some images of what I'd like in my banner for him to replicate and animate, which is what he did. If you know me or well or watch my youtube videos then you'll know that I'm in love with everything to do with chocolate, coffee, makeup, king charles cavalier spaniels etc. I think he did such a great job and I love looking at my own little cavalier on my channel. 

If you ever need something done for your site, or even a t-shirt, contact me and I'll give you his details or you can find him HERE! 


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