Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Fashion | The Concept is Basic..

All images taken from Google or Pinterest & edited by myself. 
After scouring for some fashion inspiration before I splurge on my Spring/Summer shopping, I came across a lot of what was on the catwalk this year, it's even in all the magazines. Basically, the trend is a no nonsense approach with clean lines and a paired down palette. A 'less is more' when it comes to this kind of style! I am definitely more a monochrome girl than a pastel one and so this is right up my street, as you can see from above, these were the outfits that I fell in love with the most. 

Obviously not all of us are able to afford the exact items off the catwalk, such as the likes of Nina Ricci and Paul Smith. However, we can take inspiration from it and create our very own classic clean-cut look. Highstreet places such as ZARA, MANGO, H&M can help you find pieces that will create this look and still make you feel ok with the prices. 

With this particular trend it's easy to think that you should let the outfit do the talking and to do so, keep the accessories simple. I really love the black satchel and pairing that with a crisp white dress or white shirt and tapered trousers with black sandals, would ooze elegance. 


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