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Not many people are aware about the fact that I am completely obsessed with apps, whether it be on my phone or my iPad, I just love them and have a few, above are my most used and favourited out of the bunch. I think the only person who is aware of my love is Rupert and that's because he knows how much time I spend on my phone or iPad, I do think I spread my time evenly though on my technological items, as well as going out side and all things country, so don't you worry about me getting bad eyes and all that malarky! So, who made the cut you ask..

1. BLOGLOVIN > My favourite thing to do in the morning and before I go to bed, is grab a cup of tea or glass of water (at bedtime) and just snuggle in to my blanket and read through any blog posts I haven't read on my iPad. This is such a great app to follow all your favourite blogs and keep up to date with their latest posts, I remember people were freaking out about GFC leaving us, so this is a great alternative.

2.NATIONAL RAIL > I can't tell you how much I use this app, it's so handy when you want to check any train times, ticket prices, service delays or disruptions - brilliant. The app is really accurate for most train times and prices, it makes it so much easier than having to go on safari and wait for everything to load. This has saved me and made sure what train I could catch next if I missed one. 

3. INSTAGRAM > I don't think I need to say much about this one, everyone and their mothers know about this app. What's not to love? 

4. RADIOPLAYER > This is a new download for me, due to the tube strikes, I haven't been able to get in to work and so have been working from home. I like to have a bit of background noise and sometimes Spotify adverts can get a bit annoying, so I like to pop the radio on. This app has pretty much any radio station you could ask for, I usually just listen to Radio 1, but if you wanted something else, i'm sure it would be on there! 

5. TAPPED OUT > I have stayed so loyal to this game, i've been playing it for nearly two years.. committed or what, maybe just sad, but hey it's a good game! Basically, you have to re-build Springfield after Homer blows it up accidentally, you eventually get more character as you go up the levels and there's so many different challenges. At the moment there's an Easter theme and one time there was a challenge where there were guinea pigs everywhere and I had to build a retreat for them!! 

6. NETFLIX > Another app that must be on everyone's favourite list! If my iPad isn't with me or my laptop, it's handy to have this on my phone for when times get boring. This is so amazing, has lots of programmes and films and documentaries etc, the list is endless. 

7. PINTEREST & TUMBLR > Both very similar platforms. Pinterest you have your own boards of anything you like and you can 'pin' things to those boards, for example on mine I have one for 'animals' and 'hair' that sort of thing. With Tumblr you 'reblog' pictures to your tumblr page, or upload photos yourself. Either way I love them both and could spend hours on both.. by accident. 

8. TUBE MAP > Like the National Rail app, I have needed this tube map on countless times! It is so, so handy. Whenever I'm going somewhere new on the underground, I always like to check where I have to go and which exit to take, plus you don't need wi-fi for this, so if you're on the tube and your panicking, just whack the app out and give it a check. 



  1. I use so many of these apps too. I love instagram and tumblr (:

  2. I dont know how you kept up with the "tapped out" game for two years wow!!!..that dedication, i only had it from like june 2013 to like january this year before i deleted it. lol

  3. I wish I could use Netflix! :( It's not available in my country unfortunately.


  4. I use a lot of these apps too :)


  5. I love your blog - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!



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