Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Video | Q&A With Rupert

WARNING!! Before watching this video, I urge you to grab a tea or a drink and some food as this is a long, long video! I don't think we realised how long it was, especially when I said after we'd filmed it "I thought we did pretty well, answering those questions quickly".. I obviously had no idea!

Anyway, Rupert and I answer some questions that you guys sent me. It was really fun to answer some questions with him, as in the past I've done this sort of thing on my own, so it was nice to have someone with me. We had a good giggle filming it and it was the last of our videos together for the month! 

Remember to check out Rupert's kickstarter page and get pledging, we have a bit of a way to reach still and we only have 24 hours left, so please donate if you can, if not then please spread the word! Do check out the video and give it a like if you enjoyed it!


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