Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Wishlist | Beauty Edition

Beauty Wishlist
Yep.. I have got a lot of things on my wishlist haven't I? Plus, I've actually purchased two things out of all this stuff so, I'm getting there right? Yes, I am lusting over a few items at the moment and I will tell you why below.. Let's get in to it. 

MAC LIPSTICK in 'MORANGE' - I love lipsticks, I love MAC and I love orange - therefore, the combination of three concludes to 'morange' from MAC. This seems like the perfect lipstick to be rocking in the Summer when you can get away with this sort of thing, which just isn't heard of in the Winter and there is a time where you can get fed up of berry-coloured lipsticks.... actually there isn't

ORIGINS GINZIN EYE CREAM -  I really dislike my current eye cream and haven't stumbled across one that I'm in love with. I used to use the Origins Ginzing moisturiser and it was perfect for the Summer and really made my skin look really fresh and nourished. I'm hoping that the eye cream is exactly the same, I have hopes for it. 

OLE HENRICKSEN CLEANSING WIPES -  I have recently been so, so tired, which you can see from my recent video, and there have been times where I have a nap with a full face of makeup and wake up at about 1am and remember that I need to take it off. The thought of doing my skincare routine at that time in the morning, makes me want to rip my face off, so I want to invest in some really good cleansing wipes without destroying my face and these seem to be the best option, getting lots of hype from the blogging world. 

KIEHLS MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE  & KIEHLS CREAMY EYE TREATMENT - This is an oil which you apply before you go to bed and apparently improves your skin overnight. I'm always wanting to improve my skin so this is up my street. As I said about the origins eye cream, I hate my one and want to try some more and hopefully fall in love with one, this is an option!

NARS CREAMY CONCEALER & RIMMEL NAIL POLISH in 'BREAKFAST IN BED' -  These are the two products which I cheekily bought and I could not be happier. The concealer and me have been getting on really well, as expected. I'm slightly disappointed with the nail polish, when applying it, it was really gloopy and really horrible to apply. After one coat it looked stripey and bleh, then by day 3 my nails are chipped and it's made me want to take it off. It could get better?

NARS COPACABANA HIGHLIGHTER -  I've become a bit obsessed with liquid highlighter and after reading many reviews, this needs to become part of my collection and be in my life. It looks beautiful and I reckon it would last a long time, so.. who wants to buy it for me?

MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER & MAC EYESHADOW in 'MYSTERY' - I really want to get me a new under-eye concealer and after watching Nicole Guerriro use this so many times, I need to get my hands on it! As well as the eyeshadow in 'mystery' mainly just to have a back up brow powder!

CAMOMILE SILKY CLEANSING OIL & TEA TREE OIL - After watching Amelia Liana and her love for the Body Shop's oil, it's really appealed to me, especially as it's only £10 and removes every trace of makeup, think it's a must-have. I'm all for getting rid of those spots and tea tree oil seems to do the trick, so need to get my hands on the stuff. 

AESOP PURIFYING EXFOLIANT PASTE - I've heard so many people rave about this product and apparently does what it says on the tin. I'm a skincare fanatic and believe that this needs to be added to the stash immediately! 

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  1. I've heard so many good things about Kiehls Midnight Recovery! My skin is in a right state at the moment with mild acne popping up on my cheeks and chin. Just wish it wasn't so expensive :/
    Great wishlist! xx


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